TechFest 2008: World Wide Telescope

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The Discussion

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    Aleksei Vassiljev

    Based on video - this will be great! But why it is targeted on children? It will be interesting for adults also.

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    @RunneR : It's not targeted to just children. He's trying to say that WWT is an awesome tool for ANYONE. Including children who might like to explore. As for adults, there lots of info., links to well-known databases for more info., and a lot of other imaging tools scientists would find pretty helpful.

    I just wished they didn't show all this good stuff, until they would release WWT soon. The anticipation is driving some people nuts!

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    wow this is awesome. im normally more interested in space from a technological exploring standpoint without thinking too much about astronomy but this is just incredibly interesting and so nice to look at with all the different view modes and stuff. i am a little upset though, i wanted to finish alyssa goodmans tour. i think once this is released, some people might need space food packages and space suits from the waist and down if you know what i mean...

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