The Office Show: How to Design in Microsoft PowerPoint with Office 2010

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In this first-ever episode of “The Office Show,” you’ll find out how to make your PowerPoint presentations so exciting that nobody will ever sleep through one of your talks again. Microsoft design guru March Rogers shows the basic principles of design, while’s Doug Thomas demonstrates some new features of PowerPoint 2010 to put them into action. And to inspire you further, don’t miss the featured 150-page flipbook animation built entirely in PowerPoint. Channel 9’s Tina Summerford and Laura Foy host this new show about all things Microsoft Office. For more info on how to carry out the steps in the show, go to the show page on the Microsoft Office Blog. For more Office 2010 videos, check out The Office Blog on Channel 9 and



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The Discussion

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    Aubrey Barfoot

    You blow me away with all the potential for Powerf Point uses. I thought I was getting good  with it until  I saw your video.  Now...

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