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Microsoft has launched a new career site for those interested in working for the company.  You can browse jobs by country or region and interests.  A few of us here at Microsoft were profiled to help launch the site and generate interest.  I think I have the single coolest job here at Microsoft but maybe everybody feels that way.  Check out the Career Site if you are interested.  Did I mention we get free Starbucks coffee?  That helps.  Here's a snapshot of my path to Microsoft. 


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The Discussion

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    John Ellis

    I would gladly give up med school for a job at Microsoft- I think this is something I'm going to have to look into.

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    Is this a newly launched site? I think it was there long back? 

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    John Ellis

    Good point. He has got a good job... not that I'm complaining about my circumstances. Decent blog too for people like me.

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    Hopefully criterias are lined up to the talents more than the qualifications people hold, good one though

    KiranTJ | CompTIA A+| MCSE | SIX SIGMA

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    Nice one, Tina Smiley Those G4 segments sure brought back memories. Great to see you're enjoying your new career so much. I'd love to work for Microsoft, just not in Redmond Tongue Out

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