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    Charles Torre

    Amazing. This is a great use of Silverlight!

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    Fixed, thanks

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    Tina has septuplets? Also funny how Eric shares the same name as Google's CEO.

    I really LOVE the Olympics. It's really great to know that NBC is going to provide a lot of video content, including live ones. Is it HD? It would work great on WMC.

    It would be really cool if there could be a live chatroom running as a translucent overlay (similar to the new MLB on Silverlight) while the video plays (especially the live video feed). People can sign in with a username and argue and boast with other users as the video goes on. Maybe the Vancouver Olympics...

    Cool to know they're Silverlighting it.

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    Though I'm sure many marketing folks will be quick to call it HD (it's incredible how lax the definition of "High Definition" is for online streaming), the highest quality streams available from are 480p widescreen (848x480). A large portion of the content, particularly highlights and specials, will be available in 480p quality. This content will be delivered using an adaptive streaming technology developed by Microsoft for NBC Olympics. Adaptive streaming ensures reliable delivery of video streams to end users without buffering, stutter or glitches - by adapting the video data rate and quality to each user's bandwidth.  To experience the full 480p quality video, make sure you use the Enhanced player interface (click that "Enhanced" button in the lower-right bottom of the player when it pops up) and have at least a 1.5 Mbps Internet connection.

    The rest of the content (i.e. live broadcasts and their rewinds) will be streamed using traditonal single-bitrate methods and resolutions.

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    Cool. Thanks for explaining all that.

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