How-To: The Creation of a 3D Video

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    Matthew Mushall

    Great video, Tina.

    Rendering 3D animation is almost always time consuming.  Generally, after all the modeling (and textures) and camera work is done, dedicated computers are left to the task.  I've always felt it's somewhat inefficient because said computers really can't do anything else while there're rendering, so no one can work on them.  Therefor, rendering really requires dedicated machines just for that task.

    It seems to me like the big software giants in 3D animation are Maya, 3DMax, and Softimage.  I'm waiting for Adobe to get in on the act.  Programs like After Effects are almost there to a certain extent.

    I'm kind of amused by your remark of Worktank employees lacking personal websites...considering yours has been absent for awhile.  The least you could do is update your 10 profile and remove the link to your blog.

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    Hm, I'm in the boat that Scott was in. I'm majoring in print graphic design, but motion graphics looks so much more fun.

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