Live Search - Cashback: What is it?

Play Live Search - Cashback: What is it?

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    John Ellis

    It's a great shame that these things aren't available on a wider scale yet, it's nice to see that you're finally making use of that Jellyfish aquisition though- I was wondering what was happening to that and I am very pleased with how well it's been integrated.... kudos to the team.

    Also, love the blatent Google-bashing, clearly your search service is superior for images and video (I use Live search for all my queries) and I imagine you're trying hard to improve the regular web search- I even rumours of a Powerset aquisition in the planning stages. It's a shame you guys aren't doing better in search yet, Google definitely has done a good job on mindshare.

    Keep at it, and for once I won't nag about what you should be doing, it's a very pleasant experience using Live search for me, I am just mourning the loss of Live Academic for the time being.

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