Softkinetic - Changing the way you play games

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    interesting. once tech like this gets perfected, it could really open up the video game world.

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    Matthew Mushall

    Nice demos, but wasn't the vision cam supposed to give us the same kinds of games?  Nothing much happened there.  I can't help but wonder if this is just Microsoft's attempt to capitalize on greater motion-based gameplay like the Wii.  Didn't Bill Gates say that motion based gameplay wasn't mainstream yet?  I know he's no longer the big cheese there, but the company seems to have contradicted itself within the past few years.

    Anyway...this was an enjoyable segment.  Only next time I want to see more dancing...and bird noises from you.

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    Nice demo, but the link you have to Softkinetic is to .com rather than .net and doesn't work.

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