Porting Drivers to Windows CE 6.0

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This session has been presented at various Windows CE events such as MEDC.  It walks you through getting drivers from CE 5.0 (or previous versions) to work in CE 6.0.  Using the WaveAPI driver as a example, we look at the code necessary to move a driver with complex memory management forward into CE 6.0.  This presentation covers everything you need to know to port your driver to CE6.0 including access checking, marshalling, thread permissions, and security.



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The Discussion

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    Are USB device drivers automatically run in Kernel space now with 6.0 or is there anything special I need to do to have my driver run in Kernel space?

    I have implemented a USB driver for 5.0 using the Stream Interface concept. The communication DLL to the device basically blocks for a response from the driver on WriteFile/ReadFile calls. Because of this I didn't think I need to do much to port to 6.0, however, I am having problems.

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