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    Excellent information.
    What I would like to know on the subject is how the vsonline licenses relate to license requirements for on-premise components such as release management that is required to hosted on Prem and Requires traditional CALs. This would be in a mixed environment where I am using VsOnline for source control but have On-Premise release management and builds. For non-msdn subscribers that would have an Advanced VsOnline account or need a CAL for on-premise is there cross over from the vsonline license to the on-prem servers or would that user need a VsOnline account and a CAL allocated to them?

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    Hi Patrick, thanks for watching.

    Today as you probably know there is no integration between our on-premises Release Management solution and Visual Studio Online. If you want to use Visual Studio Online but still take advantage of Release Management on premises, I have seen some customers set up integration bridges between the two. This is fairly straightforward to do if you are using Git. So for example you would do your day-to-day work in VSO, then set up a mirror between the VSO Git repo and an on-premises TFS server's Git repo. You could then check into VSO, mirror your changes to TFS, trigger a build, and have RM deploy it.

    In a scenario such as this you would be required to have user licenses for VSO and TFS, as well as a TFS server license, and the appropriate Release Management deployment licenses. If you already have MSDN Subscriptions then this would cover you for the user licenses and TFS server license. If you had VS Ultimate licenses this would also grant you an allocation of Release Management deployment licenses.

    Feel free to keep the Channel 9 conversation going if I didn't fully answer your question, although I also wanted to point you at the Visual Studio Licensing Whitepaper which might be helpful.

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    I have a team developing an application in Azure.  We are thinking of using Visual Studio online a as way to reduce the number of third party tools to support the development effort.  Do the VSO Advanced provide all the tools necessary to follow a strict agile scrum methodology with continuous integration?  I've been reading the product features, but have not found any good answers on this.

    Thank you 

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    @dhollon: Visual Studio Online provides you with a place to store your source code and manage your projects. I would say anecdotally that yes, the vast majority of customers I speak to are practicing some form of Scrum and using continuous integration as well. I would encourage you to check out our Get Started tutorials which detail some of the specific tasks VSO can help you with. Here's a specific topic on Continuous Deployment to Azure.

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