Adjusting Windows layouts in Visual Studio 2015

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Knowing your tool is essential to being productive but who has time to watch long videos?  Get up to speed quick with short video lessons and get on to coding.  Check out the other videos at the video blog Visual Studio Shorts.

Script (for reference only):

Welcome I am James Sturtevant (@aspenwilder).

Organizing your windows to be productive can save you tons of time when you are coding.  Today we are going to see how to organize our windows and save the layouts so we can easily switch between layouts to get to the tools we need when we want them.

[01:06] Arranging Windows on the Screen

[02:14] Saving Window Layouts

[04:19] Finding more Windows

[04:54] Multiple code windows side by side

And that's a quick overview of how to set up and save window layouts.  Take a few minutes and get use to the controls it will save you time as you grow more comfortable with Visual Studio.   Leave any comments or feedback, especially around topics you want to see.  Happy Coding!



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