Using Breakpoints for Debugging in Visual Studio 2015

Play Using Breakpoints for Debugging in Visual Studio 2015
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Knowing your tool is essential to being productive but who has time to watch long videos?  Get up to speed quick with short video lessons and get on to coding.  Check out the other videos at the video blog Visual Studio Shorts.

Script (for reference only):

Welcome I am James Sturtevant (@aspenwilder).  Debugging is an essential skill for any developer.  There are a lot of nuances to debugging that I cannot cover in this video  but knowing how to use the tools at your disposal can greatly improve your productivity.  Because there is so much support for debugging inside Visual Studio, In this video I am only going to cover how the basics of using break points.  I will be covering other debugging tools in other videos. 

[00:45] Set Break Point

[01:00] Start Debugger

[02:11] Navigating While Debugging

[04:54] Conditionals

[06:47] Finding your current debugging line

As you can see Visual Studio's debugging tools are best of class and knowing what you have available to help solve your hard problems will improve your skills and productivity will debugging.   Leave any comments or feedback, especially around topics you want to see.  Happy Coding!



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