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    will MSFT address testing needs when the "Team" is one developer / arch / designer / DBA / tester ?
    very common for small to mid sized projects.
    even for some large proejcts with a small company.

    I need to test WebServices I wrote. I need to design / model / test and document all kinds of code.
    but we can not justify VS Team SKU's cost at this time.
    all I really lack at this time is code profile and web test on top of what VS Pro does now.
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    Hi Figuerres -

    Well, the marketing folks haven't announced the official SKU plan, pricing, or licensing for Visual Studio 2010 yet so I don't have many details to share there. But what they have done this week is combine the Developer and Database Edition SKU's into one. So now you can get all of the functionality from each of those SKU's for one price. Also, in the scenario where you want testing and architecting capabilities as well, that's what Team Suite is for which effectively gives you the functionality from all four SKU's for the price of two.

    Brian Keller
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    Hey thanks for the info and the reply....

    I guess my main issues come in a few groups:

    1) I do not need any of the "Team"Features, I am not saying they are not worth having for the right users.  so I do not want to have to pay for the server bits.

    2) why for example is "code profiling" not part of VS Pro?  ( I know you can't give me an answer as such, just take that as a question to pass on)  to me a professional developer having a performance problem would want to do profiling of the app. I do not see this as a feature that needs a "Team" to make use of.  in that same group I would add "service testing".

    I agree that MSFT should make money on the work they have done on a really great set of tools.
    And for cases where you have a "Team" the server SKU is a good thing.

    I do like the news about the DB SKU getting folded into the PRO SKU good move, makes me happy on that count.

    about that: will VS 2008 be part of that ?  can I  get an MSDN update that combines the two?  at work we have a valid MSDN premium account.


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    >>about that: will VS 2008 be part of that ?  can I  get an MSDN update that combines the two?  at work we have a valid MSDN premium account.

    If I understand your question correctly then yes, if you own Visual Studio Team System Development Edition with MSDN Premium, then starting October 1st when you logged into your MSDN Subscription you should see that you can also download and install Database Edition. This will install into your existing Visual Studio client to give you effectively one Visual Studio client with the combined functionality. The reverse is also true - if you own Database Edition with MSDN Premium then you can now download and install Developer Edition.

    Note, however, that if you have Visual Studio Professional Edition with MSDN Premium then there are no new changes. Only if you own the higher-end Development or Database editions.

    Hope that helps..


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    I'd love to be able to use these tools, but unfortunately they cost 10x the price I paid for the Pro SKU just for one of the Team System SKUs.  It's 20x the price if I want everything.  Not only that, but I'd have to pay 4x-7x the cost every year to keep using it since I'm not allowed to buy a retail copy.  Where exactly is the value?  The only thing Team System's pricing model is doing is keeping it limited to large corporations who have extra money to burn.  Small companies with people who play multiple roles and independent devs are still being left out.  I do hope your marketing department comes to their senses.
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         1) Can the Team Test system be used to test legacy(already existing) VB6 code?

         2) Does Team Test have a way to simulate manipulating a legacy VB6 GUI, e.g. filling in dialog boxes, push GUI buttons, etc?

    Regards, Vasili
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    Looks like microsoft has finaly decided to try to mimic Mercury (HP) Quality Center (Test Director). The industry standard for manual testing. I wish they would have done this years ago. When will this be available?
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    I tried doing this with VSTS 2010 Beta 1 on a VB6 application and it does work. I was able to login to the application, select menus, validate results.

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    I have used both and I consider VSTS 2010 a step ahead of what HP's product is able to do, at least for MSFT technologies.

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