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    Okay, so any news on what templates will be availble for 2010? Where can I find more meat on process templates for 2010?
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    Stephanie Saad
    Hey Bishop! 

    We have already made updates on the existing Agile template. You can see some information around what we have done by checking out this video on agile planning: You can also completely check out the updates to the agile template in the upcoming Dev10 September CTP. The goal of the Community Technology Preview is to obtain feedback from our customers on the new scenarios we have enabled. Starting on October 27th you can learn more about the CTP, get a link to the download and engage in a conversation with the team from here:

    I really prefer to talk about what we have done than promise stuff in the pipeline, so let's start there, and I'll just say that there are alot more things I would LOVE to see us do with process templates. As always, we really appreciate feedback about what's important to you, and I would love to see any feedback on the CTP set of changes to the agile template.

    Best wishes,

    Stephanie Saad
    Group Program Manager
    Team Foundation Server
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    Hi Stephanie,


    My current employer has been extremely disappointed by the data tiers failover procedure with SQL server mirroring for TFS 2008 ("> .


    We are curious if TFS2010 will improve in this area and will natively support automated failover, leveraging a SQL mirror and its witness in a high availability scenario so that in case teh primary data server dies, we do not experience downtime.


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