Cameron Skinner: Visual Studio Team System 2010 - Architecture

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The Discussion

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    This is great news Cameron. I did look at the mini-scenarios in the Rosario April CTP and we are very interested in this latest initiative Smiley

    Thanks for efforts on "Tools that Provide Value Through the Entire Process" Smiley

    Bob Hanson

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    Key Issue Microsoft just does not get and hopefully CAN get with 2010:
    We do not like to have more than three paid liscenced SKUs of Visual Studio as choices.

    Out in the Wild I have seen three SKUs in use
    Professional- For the bosses who think of VS IDE as a commodity and get the lowest one they can for their employees.
    Team Sys Developer Edition-For people who cannot justify a Team Suite Liscense as it is pretty pricey but like the MSDN account.
    Team Sys Suite-For the high end shop or contractor/company with deep pockets.

    Really most people do not pay attention to the other editions because most developer would find Professional good enough for their purposes.

    If you want all this new UML still be useful make it all available from Professional Sku on up. Otherwise your really just wasting everyones time here including Dev Div team members who are developing something only a small percentage will ever have the liscence to use. If you want it to gain traction make it available to people other than Architect Sku and Team Suite Sku people.

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