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Welcome back to another Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Week video. In this latest installment, we catch up with Karen Liu, Lead PM on the C# and Visual Basic IDEs.

Karen shows us what is being done around code-focused development: making it easier for all us developers to understand and navigate our code. Covered are features like Highlight References and View Call Hierarchy, among others.


This is another Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Week Video. For other Visual Studio 2010 videos, check out the Visual Studio topic area here on Channel 9.



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The Discussion

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    Uuups you forget to cut the first 5 minutes. Wink

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    LOL, oops. Nice catch. I'll re-cut and upload the correct version Tongue Out.
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    Why there's no tree view "+" button for #region and groups of code in VS 2010? And is there a way to get it back or some equivalent feature!
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    i for one would also like to have  "+" buttons for if statements and for loops in VS.. thats littrely the only thing that bothers me with VS Smiley

    well for all loops really Smiley
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    i have another question ,
    can you have two extensions that use one of the margins? perhaps i want both the highlighting but also lets say a svn integration margin that shows me the diffs (and for the sake of argument, i want them both on the right side) would that be possible?
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    Very nice video!

    Can we get that add-on provided inbox with Visual Studio? I'm a frequent user of Rock Scroll, which is basically the same app, and using an officially supported app (with a minimize button!) would be much better!

    Link to Rock Scroll:

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    That's great, now how do I get the Document Map whatever it is that looks like RockScroll?  I used that extensively in VS2008, and I miss it in VS2010 RC.  Will it be in the final release version?

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