Code-Focused Development with Visual Studio 2010

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    Uuups you forget to cut the first 5 minutes. Wink

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    LOL, oops. Nice catch. I'll re-cut and upload the correct version Tongue Out.
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    Why there's no tree view "+" button for #region and groups of code in VS 2010? And is there a way to get it back or some equivalent feature!
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    i for one would also like to have  "+" buttons for if statements and for loops in VS.. thats littrely the only thing that bothers me with VS Smiley

    well for all loops really Smiley
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    i have another question ,
    can you have two extensions that use one of the margins? perhaps i want both the highlighting but also lets say a svn integration margin that shows me the diffs (and for the sake of argument, i want them both on the right side) would that be possible?
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    Very nice video!

    Can we get that add-on provided inbox with Visual Studio? I'm a frequent user of Rock Scroll, which is basically the same app, and using an officially supported app (with a minimize button!) would be much better!

    Link to Rock Scroll:

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    That's great, now how do I get the Document Map whatever it is that looks like RockScroll?  I used that extensively in VS2008, and I miss it in VS2010 RC.  Will it be in the final release version?

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