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Sharepoint Development with Visual Studio 2010

7 minutes, 1 second


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Welcome back to another Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Week video. In this latest installment, we catch up with Reza Chitsaz, Senior Program Manager working on Office and Sharepoint tooling.

In this video, Reza gives us a quick sneak-peak on some of the tools coming in Visual Studio 2010 around supporting Sharepoint as a platform. You can expect to hear a lot more about this in the future!


This is another Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Week Video. For other Visual Studio 2010 videos, check out the Visual Studio topic area here on Channel 9.


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  • Great stuff, when is it in a CTP!

    (I've run up the VS2010 CTP sept? and seen nothing Smiley )

  • Venkateshvenkat5 Venkatesh
    Hope a Cool one..
  • See http://channel9.msdn.com/forums/TechOff/443579-VSeWSS--Visual-Studio-10-SharePoint-functionality/
  • The new features Reza describes in this video will not be in the VS 2010 CTP, nor in the Beta 1 build.  This video was a real "sneak peek" at the future. 

    -Christin Boyd, Program Manager
    Microsoft Visual Studio
  • It's wonderful that stuff is happening but.... What a shame we have to wait so long! The problems being addressed are Major Issues in large-scale Sharepoint Development. We're all swimming and building stuff and it may all be for naught... Ah well... don't keep us waiting too long! The suspense is killing! Big Smile
  • So, dare I ask if Server 64 will be a supported platform?
  • So, dare I ask if Server 64 will be a supported platform?
  • Bob, x64 will be a supported platform.

  • Yea! When we all start using VS2010 for MOSS2007, Microsoft will release MOSS20xx with beta SDK integration packs for VS2010 until they release VS20xx with support for MOSS20xx when they release MOSSvNext... ugh. I do love the features and results I get from the latest tools, but WOW is it hard to keep up lately. I'm virtually in "Microsoft University" every freaking day. (being sarcastic)

    Regardless... I look forward to the new release! Great job Microsoft as well as the community providing good feedback!
  • Brian H. MadsenBrian H. Madsen software development is all about cogs
    very nice indeed - finally the SharePoint developers gets full support!!

    and it's good to see that x64 will be taken seriously by the VS and tools teams!
  • UdayaKumarSharePoint​Udai I have dedicated my life to MOSS 2007

    Hats off to Microsoft for thier efforts to incorporate such wonderful features along with VS.NET 2010 for SharePoint. I really love it and once again thanks.

    I am totally on top of the world especially with these following features "Visual WebPart Designer" and "Windows SharePoint Services Project Import"...Hurray

  • Help us out here.   I am a struggling ASP.NET developer for a mid-sized company.   It is just way too hard to build webparts for WSS 3.0    I mean I read that you even have to install VS on the server to do development.  That is unrealistic.   What was Microsoft thinking.   I welcome the ability to develop on my laptop and then deploy the webpart to WSS 3.0    Is it possible today or do we have to wait for VS 2010?
  • Stan Spottssspotts Stan's Cup<T>
    So will we be able to do SharePoint development on Vista or Windows 7 against a WSS/MOSS server easily?  Or is the best experience still requiring using Windows Server as the developers workstation (or developer VM) OS?
  • When is the Sharepoint Next version going to release ?
  • When is the Next version of Sharepoint releasing ?
  • IS there any new version of sharepoint desginer released ...

  • I noticed in the screen cast that there was an Import WSP project template.  Does this mean that I can import my WSP's and VS 2010 will convert them to a VS solution using the new VS tools for WSS?  Today we are using WSPBuilder from the CodePlex site and I am wondering how well these will migrate to this new setup in VS 2010.

    It almost looks as if we stay compliant with the rules of a WSP package that we can migrate our solution packages with out alot of rework.
  • Great stuff.and good.

  • Great !! .. Angel

  • Looks awesome.  Can't wait.  

  • This falls way short of what is needed. Sharepoint needs a development platform that rivals ASP .NET in Visual Studio. Just allowing a view of some properties should have been a few days work and not even worth mentioning.

  • Scott Bedardscottybed Happy to be here!

    Um, how do I watch this thing?

  • Hi,

    Great for Microsoft Developement for not only Sharepoint !
    I already installed VS2010 and saw that there are also plug-ins for Microsoft Azure developement.
    Good work and very intressting NEW features.
    Greetings James

  • MobeenMobeen

    Can you please help me I am having a problem. The problem is that I have created a webpart for a site is Visual Studio 2010 now I want to deploy same webpart in another Sharepoint server but I am not able to do this.
    Any suggestion ?

  • RezaReza

    I need some help from u. I need some business with outsourcing area. I am a programmer with VB.net and ASP.net

  • Neda ZahraeeNeda Zahraee

    please put more describe about sharepoint Features in visual studio 2010, thank you

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