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Welcome back to another Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Week video. In this latest installment, we catch up with Karen Liu, Lead PM on the C# and Visual Basic IDEs.

Karen shows us improvements being made to better enable test-driven development. Covered are features like Generate From Usage and Quick Search, among others. There is also a "sneak peek" on some of the work being done to open up the Visual Studio test runner.


This is another Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Week Video. For other Visual Studio 2010 videos, check out the Visual Studio topic area here on Channel 9.



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The Discussion

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    Cool stuff.  This will put an end to TestDriven.NET, and lessen the desire to use R#.  That combined with opening things up to third party test frameworks, is a huge step forward.  A couple of comments from what I saw:

    1.  When generating the class, you were able to pick a project, but what about selecting a folder under that project?  It would be nice if this were easily done throw a Browse feature as well as by simply specifying a path in the name field.

    2.  Not related to testing, but since snippets were heavily used here, can we also get a few fixes in this area?
         2.1.  Actually use the metadata contained in snippets to add references and usings if they are missing, even if this must be done through a nag dialog.
         2.2.  Open up the functions that can be applied to replacement parameters to allow custom functions.  It would be very nice, for instance, if the snippet could apply different casing rules depending on context through the use of custom functions.
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    You can type something like Controllers.LoginController and it will put the class into the right folder/namespace.
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    You can type something like Controllers.LoginController and it will put the class into the right folder/namespace.
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    1.  Just because the namespace is Controllers.LoginController does not mean the folder is Controllers.
    2.  Like I said, there should be a way to browse, not just to type the folder.
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    wow, thats awsome :O  (the editor stuff was also awsome, i forgot to say that Embarassed )

    i especially like that it inferrs the result type Smiley
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    Is there any chance we can get these screencasts converted to some kind of video format? I don't know if it's just me, but the video and audio tracks frequently fall out of sync, making it very frustrating to follow along.
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    They are in a video format, but I believe the screen capture is done as one file, then the camera video is combined with it ... and the two are out of sync (very obvious when she is typing, audio of her keyboarding is out of sync from the characters appearing on the screen). I don't think there is any for us to fix this after the fact, but hopefully we can do better at making these two streams stay in sync during creation.
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    Thanks Duncan, but I'm not sure that's the problem. I downloaded the full wmv from the link above (and checked the version I originally pushed through), and I don't see the sync issues, which makes me think it's a streaming issue. When we produced the content, we made sure the camtasia capture and the video/audio from the camera are within 2-3 milliseconds of eachother in sync.

    MetalJon, can you provide some more information? Is it that the audio of Karen talking is out of sync with the video of her talking? Or is it like Duncan states where the audio is out of sync with the PIP? if the second, is the audio also out of sync with her lips in the PIP?

    Also, for a full video format, there is a download link above under downloads where you can download the non-streaming version of the video.

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    wkempf -
    For 1, yes, there will be a way to specify generating into a project folder.  In the name field, if you start typing a relative path (i.e. \), you'll get IntelliSense enumerating all the available folders and can create a new file there. 

    For 2, awesome feedback -- those are both things that we'd love to do and have on our list of really-want-to-see.  You won't see us open custom functions in the next release since we're thinking architecturally how we want to enable this kind of extensibility, but we'll keep these on the radar.
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    It would be much better if video would be avilable directly in downloadable form, instead of Screencast n recoding it. 

    Apart from that little issue, video provides a good insight on TDD n much improvement is there in VS2010 for TDD itself, instead of using third party tools.  

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    Thanks, nice video.

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    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your clear demo.
    Can you share how you configure VS to have the code snippet inserted through intellisense?

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