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In this kick-off video for Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 Week on Channel 9, we sit down with Jason Zander, Group Manager of Visual Studio.

Jason discusses the major enhancements coming in Visual Studio 2010, including everything from language enhancements, to IDE improvements, to changes in Visual Studio itself. 

This "Humanized Screencast" is best viewed at fullscreen using the high-quality WMV download. 

This is a Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Week Video. For other Visual Studio 2010 videos, check out the Visual Studio topic area here on Channel 9.



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The Discussion

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    Chad Moran
    Good to see these changes coming to VS2010.
  • User profile image
    Good video.

    lol at the Cup<T>
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    Yeah, I first noticed the Cup<T> cup in Anders' office believe. I may just be a geek, but I thought it was the best coffee cup I had ever seen Tongue Out.
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    That's awesome Big Smile I wonder if he is having a "cup of t(ea)" Wink
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    Is MS planning on implementing some of the features available in Eclipse?? I'd really like to see a number of very useful features like:
     1. Type navigator (CTRL+T) and type class name to navigate to it. Compare that with the slow solution explorer, find file and double click
    2. Refactoring support - eclipse just beat VS hands down in this area.
    3. breadcrumb navigation etc

    really disappointed in VS 2008. Hope these refactoring and navigations features get in soon.

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    Hey eclipseFan,

    We'll have a video on Wednesday that will go into some more details on the code-focused (including code navigation) features coming in Visual Studio 2010. As for your #1 item, you will want to check out Quick Search. Quick Search is very powerful and has a smart algorithm that even takes account of camel casing. So if I want to find the class "MyLoginController", I can press ctrl+. to bring up Quick Search and simply type "MLC" to navigate to that class. It will also do file names on top of types.

    There is definitely increased support for Refactoring coming, so expect to hear more about that in the future.

    There is no denying that Eclipse is a VERY powerful IDE and you will see Microsoft doing a lot of things to make sure Visual Studio continues to be a Best Of Breed IDE in the coding space.

    Do you have more information on #3? I'm not familiar with that.

    I'll make sure to get your feedback to the product team. Thanks again!
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    The Cup<T> came from the CLR BCL team when we were implementing generics in CLR V2.  Anthony Moore (who was the dev lead for the team at the time) has a brilliantly dry sense of humor.  Funiest.  Cup.  Ever.  Smiley    Jason

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    I'd like final release of VS2010 has better distributed the Start Page, I think you lose a big amount of space with this, maybe more space for recent projects, and VS logo smaller.
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    It's definitely my favorite cup.  Non-MS devs get the funniest look, and devs just think it's cool.
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    One of the things Rational has is the ability to drag and drop a pattern onto your design.  While you can implement this via GAT packages or Blueprints, the simplicity of dragging from a list of patterns onto your design and having the UML (okay, so it's not THAT great Wink) added was pretty cool to see.  Basically, a simple way to implement patterns.  I'd like that in VSTS.

    I didn't get to see what happens after the initial drag and drop, so I don't know if you could easily back it out, refactor it (say you implemented the facade pattern and decided later the mediator pattern was a better fit), or anything else.
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    I swear, if you change the name of DataGrid -> GridView -> DataGridView I'm going postal on someone!
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    I dont understand the <T> lol. Please explain.
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    Why can't I open the video?

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