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The week of November 10th is Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 week on Channel 9! We'll have 12 videos going live this week featuring interviews with various members of the Visual Studio and the .NET Framework product teams, including several screencast demonstrations of the latest bits.

Stay tuned to for all of the action. Here's the lineup:

Monday, November 10th:
- Visual Studio 2010 Overview, Jason Zander
- Key Themes for Visual Studio 2010, Soma
- Lab Management in Visual Studio Team System 2010

Languages Day (Tuesday, November 11th):
- C# 4.0 Implementation and Design Questions, Anders Hejlsberg
- VB 10, Lucian Wischik
- C++ 10: 10 is the new 6, Amit Mohindra

The IDE (Wednesday, November 12th):
- Being Code-Focused with Visual Studio 2010, Karen Liu
- Test-Driven Development and Visual Studio 2010, Karen Liu
- Future of Visual Studio Extensibility, Rico Mariani

Concurrency and Parallelism (Thursday, November 13th):
- Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework 4.0, Stephen Toub
- Parallel Patterns Library (Native Parallelism), Rick Molloy
- Parallel Debugging Tools in Visual Studio 2010, Daniel Moth

Web Tools (Friday, October 3rd):
- Sharepoint Development with Visual Studio 2010, Reza Chitsaz
- Web Development and Deployment with Visual Studio 2010, Vishal Joshi

Stay tuned, we hope you enjoy it!

Jason Olson
Technical Evangelist
Visual Studio and the .NET Framework



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The Discussion

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    Right on!!! I'm looking forward to this, Jason.
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    Any chance we can get the Pex and the contract guys from research.

    While the PDC conference made it fairly clear that Contract would be available as a library in 10, it wasn't clear if pex is still going to be a download or part of the install.

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    Hey Jason, Great series.

    Other reading may be intersted in my Visual Studio Video Tricks Series. 400 planned tricks this year to make using Visual Studio easier for every developer. There are already 30 online.

    -=- Scott Cate
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    Joseph Madden

    I listened to this post. This guy is the microsoft equilivent of Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi information Minister that denied that US troops had invaded Baghdad! This is worse than Bob's propaganda!!! His lips are moving, but he did not say anything...Though, I am quite sure that he accomplished his ms goals...MS, pleeeeeeeze, less hype, and more substance and documentation...My biggest complaint, by the time I figure out how to do something, the new version makes my method obsolete and costs me more money and time to learn something that I just figured out in the last version...

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    I apologize for posting this in the forum - but the DOWNLOADED file for the training kit is NOT VALID. The training kit from the MS Downloads: provided by you guys says it is not a valid WIN32 application when I try to run it. Can someone please look into this and fix it? I tried this a month ago and when I got the error I thought that it would get corrected since surely someone at Microsoft would be using it. Smiley   Well a month later, it still isn't fixed. Who do I complain to? Smiley






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    One thing I have noticed is you have maintianed the quality for posts. You did not just fill the space ut actually have effective material here. Thank you all your effort.

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