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fanband, the #1 Top Rated Paid App in Health and Fitness for Windows Phone 8.1 to iOS, Android, and Windows 10.  In addition, we created a mechanism to better understand user interactions and application stability through incorporation of HockeyApp Crash Reporting and Analytics.  We were also able to incorporate an innovative feature into the final product using Azure Notification Hubs.

Core Team: 

- Scott Peterson : @Geeksmith - Owner / Lead Developer, Liquid Daffodil
- Paul DeCarlo : @pjdecarlo - Sr. Tech Evangelist, Microsoft
- Gaving Bauman : @gavination2 - Tech Evangelist, Microsoft
- Tobiah Zarlez : @TobiahZarlez  - Tech Evangelist, Microsoftn

Our solution required porting a Windows 8.1 Universal Application to iOS and Android using Xamarin forms.  This allowed us to create two new projects with approximately 95% shared code in both the UI and code behind.  We then used this codeabase as the foundation of a UWP release for Windows 10.  Each of these applications includes Crash and Custom Analytics Reporting through employment of the HockeyApp SDK.  All code was stored and provisioned using Visual Studio Team Services.  This allowed us to collaborate, plan, and assign work while also allowing integration with HockeyApp services.  The application also employed Azure Notification Hubs to allow for seamless updating of Microsoft Band Devices regardless of paired platform.



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