Use the Force – Biofeedback Heart Monitor with Particle Photon and Microsoft Band

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Today's hack is an inspired submission for's Are you an IoT Jedi? Join the Particle Alliance! contest.  The idea around the contest is to build something cool in the realm of Internet of Things using any of the amazing devices from  Having deep familiarity with Particle development and being an avid fan of the Star Wars Universe, this is an awesome opportunity to build something cool and possibly win some cool prizes in the process!

In this post, I plan to explain the creative process that lead to my idea, the serendipitous findings that ended up making it more interesting than I had originally planned, and of course the steps to reproduce the project on your own!

This project will introduce you to the concepts of toy hacking / modification, sourcing hardware components at reduced cost, Universal Windows App / Microsoft Band development, and proxy of communication between external sensors (Microsoft Band) and Particle devices using Particle.function().  Keep in mind, if you do not have access to a Microsoft band, there is a sub-project within this project that will allow you to create a modified lightsaber with programmable LEDs.  The end result will allow us to monitor heart rate visually on a modified Lightsaber using sensor data from a Microsoft Band.



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