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  • Contributing to MSDN and TechNet Documentation
    2 minutes, 5 seconds
  • Video: Accessing Driver Logs without a Debugger
    2 minutes, 39 seconds
  • Updated: WinHEC Anniversary Update Engineering Workshop – Updated Labs Available
  • Video: Diagnosing Memory Usage and Leaks
  • Video: Introduction to Media eXperience Analyzer (MXA) - Part 6 - Audio Offload
  • WinHEC Fall Events - Opening Windows Holographic to the Partner Ecosystem
  • Video: Using Energy Estimation Engine (E3) to Improve Battery Life
  • Video: Introduction to Media eXperience Analyzer (MXA) - Part 5 - Video Glitch Analysis II
  • WinHEC Anniversary Update Planning Event – Slides Available
  • The New Hardware Developer Center Dashboard - Part 7 - Publish Your Driver for a Business Partner
    3 minutes, 0 seconds