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The Windows Hardware Lab Kit (Windows HLK) is a test framework used to test hardware devices for Windows 10. To qualify for the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program, your product must pass certain tests using the Windows HLK.

This entry provides an overview of the HLK as well as a guide on how to install the HLK Controller and Studio. 

If you have any suggestions for future training videos on the HLK, please provide them in the comments section down below. 





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The Discussion

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    Do you have an instruction how to select the option for installing the Controller + Studio, my installation does not allow me to select this option.

    I just use  my desktop Win 10 OS to do do this.  Do i really need to have Windows Server installed?

    Thank you,


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    @bvuong:  The HLK controller can only be installed on Windows Server 2012, so that is why you do not see the Controller + Studio install option.  You can choose the option to download the entire installation to install on another machine.  However, the controller can only be installed on Windows Server 2012. 

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    Thanks for posting this, really useful!

    > However, the controller can only be installed on Windows Server 2012.

    Are there plans to support Windows Server 2016?

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    Amar Abdelli

    I followed the instructions but when i start the studio on the server it doesn't see the test system. How can I setup workgroup on server 2012?

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    @Amar Abdelli:The machine is not appearing in the default machine pool?  If not, make sure the WTT service is started on the client machine.  If that appears to work, you may need to open a support case with CSS to investigate why the client and server are not talking.  

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    Can anyone help me out, with some errors on the Windows hardware Lab Kit Platform?

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    My server install window server 2016 and my client install window 10 version 1809. Which version HLK I have to install?

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    You will want HLK version 1809 from here: You can find more details on the various HLK versions here:

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