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As we help the Windows hardware ecosystem transition to the Universal Drivers model, it is important that we provide our partners with the right guidance and tools to write quality software and drivers.  We have received a lot of great feedback on our documentation and we would like to share some documentation changes that the teams worked on:


Feedback received

Updated Articles

Adding a software component (through AddComponent) can now only be done in an Extension INF file.

Guidance on how to update device/component  firmware using Windows Update in a DCHU-friendly way.



Clarify the difference between extension INF and component INF.

Provide an example on how to register COM components in a universal INF.

For more information on DCHU, please watch Transition to Universal Windows Drivers from the WinHEC Taipei June 2017 Workshop

I have feedback!  How can I help?

If you have suggestions to make these, or any Windows 10 developer content better please help us!  All of our documentation is on GitHub which makes it very easy to propose a change or make a comment.  Here is how to do it (along with a video demonstration):


  1. You will need to create a GitHub account at https://github.com
  2. On an article you wish to propose a change, click the Edit button
  3. Edit the article by using the edit or "pencil" button
  4. Once you are done click the green "Propose file change" button and a member of the team at Microsoft will take a look at your feedback. 

For more information watch Contributing to MSDN and TechNet Documentation




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