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Parts of sysdev.microsoft.com are being transitioned to a new portal. The new portal has an overhauled infrastructure to allow for much greater stability and predictability. In addition, we have a new UI that's much easier to use.  Our initial release will include HCK/HLK device submissions and the ability to share your drivers and publish to Windows Update. By the end of 2017, we'll also include Systems, WLK, and attestation signing.

Our new portal begins rolling out at the end of October. Over the next six weeks, we invite you to test the new portal and let us know your thoughts. To get you started, we've created the following ten user accounts just for your company. You can get started with the new portal by going to https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/dashboard/hardware.

We've also prepared a package of materials to help (https://aka.ms/PortalPackagePreviewMaterials); it contains written documentation, as well as a sample package and signing certificate. Finally, there's a series of videos describing and demonstrating the new features available on Channel 9 (https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/WinHEC/Introducing-the-new-Hardware-Developer-Center-Dashboard-Part-1). 

If you have any questions or feedback on the new Dashboard, just look for the Feedback button at the bottom right of any of our pages. Select 'Hardware Dashboard Preview' as your feedback area and we'll review your comments. Please don't reply to this e - mail; it is not monitored.

Without further ado, here are your accounts! These accounts are just for this preview and will be replaced when we release. At release, the accounts you currently use to log-in to Sysdev will be the ones you log-in with for the new Dev Center.

  • previewuser1@MOYSYSLLCHWDASHPREVI.onmicrosoft.com,&5+o#ac#+M
  • previewuser2@MOYSYSLLCHWDASHPREVI.onmicrosoft.com,$SH?;6:R*P
  • previewuser3@MOYSYSLLCHWDASHPREVI.onmicrosoft.com,?-1n>uO^X?
  • previewuser4@MOYSYSLLCHWDASHPREVI.onmicrosoft.com,$&5i=UC){2
  • previewuser5@MOYSYSLLCHWDASHPREVI.onmicrosoft.com,Ex_#)2@_?:
  • previewuser6@MOYSYSLLCHWDASHPREVI.onmicrosoft.com,?!)&USUoi]
  • previewuser7@MOYSYSLLCHWDASHPREVI.onmicrosoft.com,B%[^w^t81*
  • previewuser8@MOYSYSLLCHWDASHPREVI.onmicrosoft.com,}JuH4_=t(/
  • previewuser9@MOYSYSLLCHWDASHPREVI.onmicrosoft.com,w@{i!I?%cm
  • previewuser10@MOYSYSLLCHWDASHPREVI.onmicrosoft.com,T=;di/;Q/L


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The Discussion

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    Rhys Drummond

    Is this feature taking off? The videos are not at all descriptive and seem to use a local server, so I'm not sure if the portal is even live at all. In the meantime, what do I need to do to sign my kernel mode driver for Win10? I don't want to do WHQL testing, and I want to exert the minimum required effort to get our long-running project working on win 8/10 without bootup hacks in test mode.
    Many thanks.

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    Graham Powell

    I want to get my device drivers signed by Microsoft. They are currently signed by Deephaven Ltd. I have created two .CAB files as per your instructions. But how do I send them to you? All the documentation says you just use the Hardware Dev Center Dashboard. But nothing actually tells you how to do it.

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    @Graham Powell:Hi Graham, depending upon what you have there are a couple of paths to go.  This URL has the step by step instructions.




    If you have never used Sysdev or the Hardware Dev Center, then you will need to sign up for a new account, or create a company and then individual accounts.  

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    In "The Partner Center for Windows Hardware" page, there was this statement:
    "To get started, watch our introductory video series, and see Get started with the hardware program for registration details." I clicked on the video series link and it brought me here. Where is this video series?
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    You fckd.. my life …
    I have signed my driver since 8 years. And now you created Ev code signing and I did it but it's not allow it. I saw your driver submission page but where I click still I same page

    What a crazy someone did that page? Please help me because I will be crazy because of you.

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