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We recently ran a series of hands-on-labs on implementing our IoT solutions to our hardware partners. These labs are being made available to anyone interested in developing IoT solutions based on Windows.

WinHEC Lab1 IoT Image Customization

Participants will learn about the step-by-step process to customize an FFU image for Windows 10 IoT Core by adding a sample GPIO controller driver to the image. The process can be broken down into three parts: create a driver package for the sample driver, modify the necessary files to include the driver package, and build and deploy the FFU image to an IoT device.

WinHEC Lab2 AllJoyn DSB

Participants will learn about how to develop an AllJoyn Device System Bridge (DSB) to a GPIO pin using a visual studio template, use AllJoyn Explorer (AJX) to interact with existing AllJoyn device in the network, and signal notification to AllJoyn consumer application when device signal changes. 

WinHEC Lab3 Append Driver

Through this lab, you will learn how to compile and build an UWP app and then deploy it to IoT device directly in Visual Studio 2015. The app can read I2C data directly from I2C controller driver. You don't need to write additional driver in this case. You will also learn how to compile and build a KMDF driver, configure ACPI table for development use, and deploy the driver into IoT device. 

WinHEC Lab4 Azure IoT

Learn about the Azure environment and the process for developing UWP Apps that communicates with Azure. The lab starts from setting up Azure Mobile Services. Then, two UWP Apps will be developed in this lab: one is to send data to Azure, another is to get data from Azure.

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