WinHEC Pen Validation Workshop Taipei - August Content

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Windows 10 has all of the ingredients necessary to make the inking experience come alive on your Windows system.  We want to help you ensure that your active pen hardware is compliant with the new DirectInk API's and can delight customers.  

This training material describes the testing methodology that is used to validate active pen hardware.  It covers the prerequisites to test the hardware in Windows 10, how to set up the Windows 10 Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) specifically to test active pen hardware, an introduction to the test jigs and associated hardware and how to run standalone test tools designed for the active pen device.  In order to be compliant with Windows 10 inking, your hardware needs to be thoroughly tested.  This content provides the necessary information to do so.

Some of the following files (parts 2 through 6) contain demonstration videos that are quite large with total file sizes ranging from 200 MB to 500 MB.  You may experience longer than usual download times.

Part 1 of 7: Pen Hardware Requirements and HLK Setup

Part 2 of 7: Accuracy – Gutter

Part 3 of 7: Dimension – Latency

Part 4 of 7: Jitter – Resolution

Part 5 of 7: Eraser - Hover

Part 6 of 7: Pressure

Part 7 of 7: Test Jig & Standalone Tool

Thanks to those who attended and if you have any feedback, please send an email to .   

--The WinHEC Team

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