WinHEC Video Series: Precision Touchpad Testing Videos

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Windows 10 continues to improve the touchpad experience for all customers. We want to help you ensure that your touchpad hardware delivers the best experience possible to delight customers.  

This training material demonstrates the tests we have built to validate your precision touchpad implementation. This PowerPoint series of "HLK Manual Tests - Precision Touchpad" contains all the necessary information needed to validate the precision touchpad using Windows 10 HLK, including the related links to the Precision Touchpad resources and videos of running each HLK tests with test jigs.

The following files contain demonstration videos that are quite large with total file sizes ranging from 100 MB to 300 MB.  You may experience longer than usual download times.

Part 1 of 8: Aliasing, All Areas Reporting, Buffering, Confidence Reporting, Converge / Diverge, Device Button Reporting

Part 2 of 8: Device Click Pressure, Ghost Reporting

Part 3 of 8: Input Resolution

Part 4 of 8: Latency Panning

Part 5 of 8: Latency – Touch / Down, Linearity, Positional Accuracy

Part 6 of 8: Positional Accuracy - Manual

Part 7 of 8: Power State Transitions / Step 3, Report Rate / Single Contact

Part 8 of 8: Report Rate / Multiple Contacts, Right Click Reliability, Stationary Jitter, Z-Height Detection

Thanks for watching and if you have any feedback, please send an email to .   

--The WinHEC Team

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