New Windows Azure Benefits for MSDN Subscribers!

Play New Windows Azure Benefits for MSDN Subscribers!
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MSDN Subscriber?  You already have free Windows Azure credits as part of your subscription - up to $150/mo!  Use them to build development & test environments on demand with Virtual Machines, Web Sites, Databases and more. 

Activate and try your Windows Azure MSDN benefits before September 30, 2013 and you could WIN an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Car!

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The Discussion

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    I was just wondering, before we used to get $3600 (or equivalent of and granted kinda limited on what we could use) per year. Now however, that has been chopped down to $1800/year. Even at the discount of all the services for MSDN subscribers, this seems that we are getting less than we were before. Am I missing something?

    Also, if we have switched to the new subscription model and we've had websites live already (before the switch) are we in the drawing?

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    Scott Woodgate

    @hjavaher: Yes all active MSDN customers with existing Windows Azure deployments will be included in the drawing :-)
    You are right that the MSDN value statement of changed from $3600 vs $1800 and I can understand how this looks like a reduction in value at first glance, however a direct comparison between the old and new offers is misleading. We found that most customers were challenged in getting the full value of the old offer as to use the full monetary allocation customers had to use a specific mix of services together. In practice customers used a sub-set of the services and hit an individual service limit well before they could capture the full value of the offer. For example, in the old model, a customer might hit the virtual machine quota while still having significant unused quota on database or cloud services. That’s why in the new model we introduced the flexibility to spend your entire quota on any service in any mix which increases significantly the practical value. In addition we introduced a 33% discount for running Windows Server, stopped charging for virtual machines that were not running, and changing the billing granularity to a minute all of which mean you have more practical dollar value in the new offer.

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    @Scott Woodgate:Thank you Scott, That clears a lot of things up. I didn't know that we had limited amount on each services and though it was basically one server until the 3600 was over. Thanks

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