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Arturo Toledo is the Chief Architect at Toledo Design ( In this video, Arturo talks about the Microsoft design principles as they apply to Windows and Windows Phone apps. He tells us what he learned as a designer in the Microsoft design studios, what he's learned from his independent consulting work, and how seeing the distinction between design principles and design language can open up new possibilities to you. Arturo has created an enormous resource called 24 Weeks of Windows Phone Design ( ), and the Microsoft design principles themselves are described here:

Further resources and examples of the ideas Arturo discusses:





The Discussion

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    @14:40 - "motion expiration"? what is that?

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    Steve White

    "Motion exploration", so using an animation tool to explore animations and motion in the UI. I have a transcript of the video that I'm going to publish in the vicinity of the "Microsoft design principles" topic ( I'm hoping that having it in text form too will be a good complement to the video for absorbing the great info here.

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    The Microsoft design lead I mentioned during the video (who schooled me on grid) is Sean Wolcott. You can follow him at Rationale Design on Twitter.

    JMBeck, for Motion Exploration check out some of the work that Mark Coleran has done for Hollywood - something like that is what I'd like to do more (not for Hollywood but for actual usable apps) :)

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    Steve White

    Here's that transcript topic I mentioned:

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