Ben and Ryan Explain: AMD Processors

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    Mr Crash

    You make it sound like these APU's are as good as a dedicated GPU. WTF!

    That's an outright lie.

    apu's do not even come close to the performance of a dedicated gpu card.
    Yes they can play new games BARELY like 5 to 15 fps, able to run the game is one thing, the game being playable is another.

    APU's are not for playing fps games. Do not trust these guys, do research before buying anything!

    I'm guessing you get paid to say this bullshit but come on enough already  !

    Tricking people is illegal, think about that.

    "The pc guy" my *...

    If you want to REAL reviewer of computers and other hardware then cough up some verifiable performance numbers, saying something is "good" doesn't tell us anything.

    Gee! you want to make a show but are too lazy to do it right, same mistake over and over again, are you incapable of learning at microsoft ? Is it an american thing or just a microsoft thing ?

    God, incompetence and lazy stupidity piss me off ! Now i have to check my blood sugar again, damn it

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