Ben and Ryan Explain: Hard Drives vs. Solid-State Drives

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The Discussion

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    Just a heads up but the signature image on my laptop runs the Zune first time video every time I open it. I don't even use Zune anymore because of this. Please fix it

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    Is this Channel 9? Lets see something actually useful:


    - IDE startup times

    - compiling something of decent size like DosBox with full optimization

    - boot & resume/unpause of vmware snapshot containining windows 7 as guest OS. (say 2 GB of memory for the guest OS)


    And how is the read & write latency if the SSD gets completely full with uncompressable data for a moment before user deletes stuff? I've heard the SSD perf can actually drop to lower than spinning HDD perf both latency (temporarily) and sequential perf wise (even permanently).


    There's a reason I haven't got into the SSD bandwagon yet, waiting for them to be actually ready for serious use, those Vertex 3 released this year just might be the first SSD that are usable.


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    oh please, outlook is slow at fresh install too, outlook is always slow, it slows down windows too when it's installed and outlook doesn't even work correctly when installed (hotmail support and bugs)

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    btw is it a 5600 rpm or 7800 rpm hd ?
    i'll go for size before overpriced speed
    also normal hds works for more years then ssd (write limit, not sure if they have fixed that yet)

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