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Meet Windows 8! Get started with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and experience Windows 8 for yourself. More info here:


Windows 8



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The Discussion

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    Atul Madhugiri

    Argh. The Windows 8 install failed and I really want to try this. Does the Calendar sync with Google and/or WL calendar. If it works well I would probably switch to WL calendar.

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    It syncs just fine with Google Mail, Calendar en Contacts!

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    Seriously, this should be the TV commercial!!!!

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     I downloaded it and installed on virtual PC. I think most function of windows 8 consumer preview is better than Dev Preview. However, disappear of start button is not good idea. Um.. too small space between task bar icon and snapping function was uncomfortable for me. I think that it need small space and start button can prove this problem. ^^

    I look forward to windows 8^^

    Thank you

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    , ChrisStepaniuk wrote

    Seriously, this should be the TV commercial!!!!

    COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS.. This ***MUST*** be the commercial.

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    Its just rather sad that WinRT  doesn't support XNA or Silverlight, so we cannot port our WP7 Apps.  Nor can we see  that we will reworking our LOB App to HTML5/ Javascript.

    We were really looking for a common Phone/Tablet  Platform like iOS  and ICS.  Windows 8 has missed the sweet point.


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    Does anyone know what the soundtrack to this video is?

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    , ChrisStepaniuk wrote

    Seriously, this should be the TV commercial!!!!

    I totally agree!

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    I think moving forward I would prefer that Windouws Phone supports WinRT.

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    Very impressive.

    Send from windows phone 7.5

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    how do you keep apply a desk top background on win 8
    so far its the only issue I have
    please someone help
    freash boot so im lost

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    Rod Ammon

    What happened to my apps when I upgraded? Do I need to reinstall everything?

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    Once I upgraded, all of my office products are not assesible

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    @ChrisStepaniuk: I agree. It's even better than the Apple commercials

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    I loaded Windows 8, luckily on my laptop (backup) computer. The program worked, but only sort of. It wouldn't go online or read my email. But the game worked. Now how do I removed it and restore windows.old?

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    I really like the windows8 & The Microsoft is the best

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    @ChrisStepaniuk: I thought that too! Big Smile

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    Kristen Hamblin

    How much did this video cost to produce? Was there any live action actually shot here?

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