What Windows 8 Consumer Preview Means for Your Business

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    All well and good but it kind of looks like Tami is talking to someone that isn't actually there.

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    Need to restore the Start Menu for the desktop UI immediately.  Issue a patch to restore it if you want any business users at all.

    Also, the mouse/keyboard experience with all the hidden UI is extremely poor.  We understand the need to be touch first, but Consumer Preview treats mouse/keyboard users as persona non grata.


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    Will Vega

    With all due respect, saying that business users are tied to the start menu, is like saying that these people cannot handle progress and innovation. I believe that MS has done a wonderful work in bringing a better user experience to business users that are traditionally miles behind in UI experiences due to companies that try to "save" in licenses and have them using green screens with old OS's. Just saying that Windows 8 is a step forward in usability. Why not to motivate your users to move forward instead of keeping them in the stone age just because your first impression was not good? I bet that if you use Windows 8 for a few more days you will get to love it and you will never want to come back to the start menu.

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    I used Windows in the 'stone age'. There was no start menu, only a bunch of little blocks on the desktop that you had to click on to make things run.

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    Looks like MS will become another windows server for business only with ipod technology.

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    joshua price

    Windows 8 is so awesome looking I only hope it is as awesome as it looks!!

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    I downloaded windows 8 today. Now nothing works. the few things that do finally come on the screen are to the left or the right every time and so small I can't read it when I adjust it, leave and come back it's Waco again. My email will not work at all. When I do get something on the screen there is no way to X it of. there is no way to shut down at the end of the day, there is no menu bar. It will not recognize Adobe reader at all. I can get on face book after a fashion but can't play any of the games. IWANT MY 7 BACK!! there is more to numerous to mention.

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    geoff crossland

    with the coming of windows8 I was interested in the new format and decided to download the preview what I did not realise was that all programs I had on my winxp I can now no longer access I can only find the suggestion to reinstall my winxp and all the programs I have lost
    I find this is a huge inconvenience and my opinion of Microsoft is to say the least low

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    Jamie Flargm

    I am a web Developer and i find Windows 8 much more easier to use. luckily i have too pc soo i have Wind 8 and 7.

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    Tami does not know that the majority of business DO NOT use tablets.. maybe the CEO? and for that reason its useless, - METRO UI - bad idea.. bad, bad, bad... not a productive GUI, we need to 'fix' it by disabling such ugly/annoying thing.. then it can be useful..
    Windows 8 - what a disappointing (as now).. lets hope they 'fix' it when the final build comes out...

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    Mahesh Kodituwakku

    It is great experiences for pc,laptops and tablet pc users.in the other hand make much easier the work.

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    Great for business, eh? Nowhere in there did I see a single Office product. Come on, all us corporate IT guys know that most of our users stay within one or two applications the entire day. They don't need little block telling them the weather in some far away place has changed. They want to sit down, click start, open their app(s) without having to re-learn their computer, and hope the day goes by quickly.

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    Rafael Silvestre

    Yo quiero saber solamente dónde se encuetran el archivo de programa y el panel de control en window8


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    Windows 8 interface really only works for small touch screen tablet devices and non work related use. For people who work on a daily base on there desktop it is really no option. I hope that the also will make a operating system for desktops and laptops without a touch screen made for business use. This operating is a disgrace for desktops. Here are a few words that come to mind: impossible, impracticable, not viable, unfeasible, unrealistic, unreasonable, unusable, unworkable. For use in my profession i will give it on a scale from one till ten a zero.

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