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Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management for Windows User Experience, gives a demo of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. 

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Windows 8



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    The Discussion

    • gawicks

      Good job Jensen and the rest of the windows team .Most of the nagging issues (multitasking etc) in the DP has been fixed. Can't wait to try out the preview!

    • WizardX

      Awe-some!  Superman don't have no words!  
      Apple-who? Apple-what?

    • David


    • TechnoTim
      <3 it
    • spivonious

      Looks great. I can't wait to get home to try it out.

      Any word on Steam and the Marketplace? It would be fantastic to see those two services integrated.

    • blackmole

      I think Windows 8 will help people to be more efficient and productive.

      Good Job.

    • Raunacq

      Its come a long way from the dev version.
      Great job !!!
      But I sometimes still miss the WINDOWS START button. for some reason I installed dell quickset and I am not able to search it on the search tool on the app screen.
      Otherwise everything else looks good :)

    • JefG

      Want to try it, bu don't have an installation cd of Windows 7 to reinstall it...

    • Priyank

      Wow ! This is really brilliant. Just downloading the preview. Gonna try it soon.
      But please be fast in launching the full windows 8.

      Good Work though.

    • xt1

      Steam is for desktop apps/games. Half-Life 3 is not gonna be a metro app.

      The Windows Marketplace is for Metro apps only. 

      They solve different problems - I wouldn't hold my breath for any integration.

    • Islamath

      After using the Developer Preview for 3 months and playing with WinRT and the new Metro style!

      I'll say to consumers : Win8 CP is really a NEW THING Smiley !


    • dentaku

      I'd still like to see what it looks like to use multiple NON-Metro apps on a Win8 machine especially on a multi-monitors.
      While I like all the Metro stuff on tablets allot I STILL don't have any use for it on my desktop using a mouse and keyboard.


      Awesome Windows 8...

    • Mohamed Omar

      Totally Cooooooooooooooooooooool
      Awesome keep innovating ON and ON

    • Chetan Bhat

      Nailed it!

      Jensen Harris is probably the most deserving person to be the face of Windows 8 user experience.

      I can't wait for the bucketload of amazing Windows 8 devices to hit the market Smiley

    • spydaweb

      Big problem. How do I install this guy over my Dev Preview? I don't have enough disk space after downloading the new install files.  I'd like to build a bootable Flash drive to install off.  Is there an option for this with the Consumer Preview install?

    • Pratik​Rawankar

      Great work by MSDN team


      now testing Windows 8 CP ___its awesome overload 

      solid OS , solid performance



    • Charles

      , spydaweb wrote

      Big problem. How do I install this guy over my Dev Preview? I don't have enough disk space after downloading the new install files.  I'd like to build a bootable Flash drive to install off.  Is there an option for this with the Consumer Preview install?

    • daveharruk

      This looks fantastic - can't wait to get it installed and also before long (not too long, hopefully...) try it on some touch enabled hardware! Well done everyone!

    • ngr bean

      hahaha thats the biggest pile of trash i have ever seen... EPIC FAIL!

    • Woody

      Thanks, Apple fan boy. Enjoy using your fake computer

    • JulesK

      Looks interestinjg, but its not clear how I can really experience the full Metro experiencehe full to t, without any High Resolution Tablets out there.   Sort of stuck waiting for reasonable priced Tablet devices to catch up with the required high resolution for docked Apps. Trying it out on a Desktop seems a bit lame, and my Laptop does not have the required high resoluiton required for swiped Apps.

    • Wolfman Jack

      Watching the demo made me feel looking at a freight train fly by. Too much action for me.

    • Denzil

      Impressive *dark vader voice*

    • DeadX07

      Edit: Removed my comment.

    • Carlos Ortega

      Great job...
      Unfortunately I was wondering where it will be available the international/non English version of the product?

      On the other hand would there be some list of touch-screen capable laptops/tablets that are ready to support Windows 8?

      Any hint will be very appreciated

    • DeadX07

      @Carlos Ortega - They have some non-English ISO downlodas here.

    • Michael T

      Great work. My question is how stable is it when it comes to the privacy and protection against hacking? It seems when the system is idling it is being refreshed constantly. How secure?
      Thanks for the new product and I look forward to having the final version soon.

    • Dinesh

      Great Stuff! Hope to see some tablets with Win 8 particularly from Nokia!! Bye bye iOS & Android.

    • sreesiv

      Great Demo. Nice presentation.

    • Alex Dickson

      Windows 8..... Too much focus on tablets.
      Windows 7..... Perfectly constructed to be the powerhouse of computing.

      I don't particularly like Windows 8 so far... so I'll just have to give it a shot...

    • Shodiq Balya

      once again... Microsoft will change the world... this time, with Windows 8, the world will be much more fun & connected....

    • Ali Umar Yakasai

      Well-done for wonderful achievement, hope is going to be the cheapest OS on earth.

    • vytas

      it looks grate but I am visualy inpeairad student and i dont t thing is very unconfirtable for blind people or bed site people.

    • vytas

      or someone as partially sighted or blind person could use the phone with TUCH screane Windows 8 they say that it is all very well but much still dont done i dont think is any apps for bad site people to use tuch screane phone if yes i would love to know.

    • Mark

      This looks really good. I am glad that some of the demo was on a laptop rather than exclusively being on tablets. It is sad that the whole thing seems to be about games and mini-apps. has nothing improved in speed? reliability? protection from hackers? etc.

      I do see a troubling trend for mouse users. Where I have to click to make things happen is now a tiny blank corner of the screen. Gone are window borders that people with poor eyesight could make larger for easier clicking. Now there is a tiny 2-pixel wide blank area that has to be clicked on for everything.

    • RobA

      It's a far cry from anything MS has done before. I think until we see the Office15/metro interface and how that can improve productivity the jury is out. I'm looking forward to using OneNote more productively and generally learning to use touch as my primary interface. Once I see hybrid slates with snap-to dock keyboards and witness the power management first hand I'll make my final assessment then

      Apple have certainly got a jump start, but if MS get the consumer/business blend right, they'll have a winner

    • magicalclick

      When you swipe down in IE10, you get a tab bar. How do I do that using mouse? I hope my fav list is in there, that's one place I haven't be able to access with my mouse, and the fav list that I wasn't able to locate may be there.


      NVM, I found it, right click on the top pixel. But, still no fav list.

    • Sanjay

      It looks similar what Ubuntu or iOS already had.... It all slick fluid movements MS had to add in their new OS but that kind 'must to have' things should be there in today's devices, so what is different... I don't see anything new compare to others. MS is lost market share in browser because concentrating on similar firefox features...

      MS needs to bring something incense which no one in this world think before.. just surprise us!!!! Or just bring those features which Apple or Ubuntu guys thinking to add in their 2015 release.

    • DiziMatt

      I can see he's "so proud" I can tell from the smug smile on his face :)

      apart from the look-and-feel and the x-box *integration*, no real difference from my android ICS
      - on a comparison side-note, I recall Sony also modding the android system in their own tablet to bring in their playstation functionality too
      opensource-all the way for me I'm afraid :D

    • Gagarin

      I do not think that W8 is better them Linux

    • Zesus

      This is a desperate attempt from a desperate company trying to stay afloat. Microsoft will die because it stopped innovating!!

    • MAX



    • Jay

      What a drastic change. People who are use to the windows desktop environment will struggle using and understanding the new functionality (beginner to intermediate pc users). I can see they are trying to keep it simple and make an OS that would act same on PC/tablet/smart phone, but why move away from what's working. You've finally got a awesome OS, why not add to it rather then change it.

      To be honest it looks really tacky and dated. Square blocks all over the place looks untidy and overwhelming.

      Apple have the best idea around transitioning their tablets with their PC OS making subtle changes (providing a mature OS). Microsoft on the other hand are out for money and willing to forget about those users who love the current OS just to make a quick buck in the tablet market. This is Melenium/Vista all over again.

    • Mihai

      I like the new Windows. It changes everything. I use it on my TV.
      But my NVidia GeForce 5200 isn't recognized and I have a 1024x768 resolution, which means half of the TV screen. Where can I get the right driver for it to work with Windows 8 as I tried on NVidia website and all don't work.

    • upenrao

      Great video! I have consolidated useful links in a blog post here

    • WizardX

      @DeadX07:I have been thinking of the same thing and I think Microsoft has the same idea.  I was checking the "End of Life" for Windows XP the other day and saw something interesting.  Windows 7 has an "End of Life" of somewhere around 2020....

      Maybe Microsoft is betting on 2 different markets here...

    • DeadX07

      Edit: Removed my comment.

    • shuvham agarwal

      i am unable to open my basic files like my computer???

    • xuko

      I wonder how the blue screen looks metro style on this new OS

    • Bibin baby

      Gud work.when w8 reach in indian market ?

    • PSUK

      Love the new operating system. Have had a windows phone for sometime now and love how easy it is to use. Looking forward to the final release and developing some apps. Great work!

    • Maddie

      I like it.
      The search menu is what I like the best.
      It will speed up the things that people do every day.
      You so beet apple

    • Maddie

      I like it.
      The search menu is what I like the best.
      It will speed up the things that people do every day.
      You so beet apple

    • Rando

      From what ive seen, windows 8 is a crappy OS for PC/laptop. Why not aim for something like XP or 7? Those were good OS's. This is vista all over again. Also, this site took me 15 mins just to type this on my IPad 2. Terrible.

    • Sultan

      Nice work done Microsoft Team.

    • DanBronx

      Did it EVER occur to you guys that the majority of PC users are businesses who require the ergonomics of a pointing device and cursor based environment to perform the complex nature of their work?

      I also hate the layout of your interface, a cliche-styled, collage of fractured boxes and colors, is such a throw in the face to Hick's law ("...the time it takes for a person to make a decision as a result of the possible choices he or she has...")

    • scott

      This is innovation. Many people will look down because they don't currently understand or see "the need" for it.

      This is what Microsoft need. I am waiting for windows 8 tablets - Perfect mix of personal use and personal development needs. However, for big businesses, Windows 7 is perfect.

      Maybe Microsoft need "Windows Personal" and "Windows Business"?

    • UsaCarlG

      Looks like Windows 8 is going to be a big hit GOOD WORK!

    • Tanveer

      awesome just a totally revolution in operating system good job microsoft...keep it up

    • JulesK

      , DeadX07 wrote

      I think that Metro UI for desktop and laptop is going to fail, and hard. It is a fad and that is all it ever will be.

      The Metro UI is focused for Tablets, Phones, TVs and Kiosks, not for desktops and Laptops you dope.  99% of Desktop and Laptop Windows 8 users are going to go strainght into the the Desktop  mode, (aka Windows 7)  not stay in Metro.  Surely that is pretty obvious.  Why do people seem to think that Microsoft is trying to impose Metro on the Desktop users ?

      Metro UI is really pleasant and innovatibe to use on Phones,  and providing we get quality Tablet devices, it looking very attractive consumer and Professional Tablet experience to compete with iOS.  What will be interesting is to see what subset of Office 15 will be useable on Tablets and Metro UI, and how these comapre and interoperate with the full Desktop Office versions.

    • DeadX07

      Edit: Removed my comment.

    • danglingneu​ron

      Doesnt Jensen look as fast and fluid as the Windows 8 UX  - LoL.

      Great Job MS - Windows 8 Metro UX ROCKS. And for the negative commenters; All I have to say is I did some serious development for over a month in the Desktop mode, There is nothing I can point to that makes me say, "It was better in Windows 7". I only went to Desktop mode when I wanted to develop, rest Metro all the way. AND to be clear I was on a laptop with mouse/keyboard.

    • Adi

      In a few days, Apple will probably reveal multiple products with tactile feedback technology.

      Will Microsoft release Windows 8 a few months later in terms of timescale, and a few light-years behind in terms of technological advances?

      Does Microsoft have a strategy already in place to overtake Apple, instead of trailing behind?

      I hate to see other companies with a new technology this significant in the market while Microsoft customers having to wait for Windows 8 SP1, or worse, Windows 9 to have a chance to appreciate it.

      Windows 8 is amazing, and I hope to see both hardware and software support for haptic touchscreen right from the start. It's probably easier to sell many more devices by releasing Windows 8 without haptic touchscreen support, but hopefully we won't have to go down that road for the customer's sake.

    • Shine Star

      It is the big jump to new style of windows, for long time ago has no such changes.

    • rahul

      i like it.... nice UI... great work
      waiting to install on my PC.

    • Victor Kalala

      When will Windows 8 hit the market. I can't wait!

    • thomastmc

      The retail name for Windows 8 should be Windows 11, because it's Windows turned up to 11.

      Been using W8 DP since the Build conference, and using the Consumer Preview now.

      The first beta I ran was Windows 2000 in the spring/summer of 1999 (downloaded over 2-3 days at 56k from a file sharing site). It was my favorite Windows release, (although I switched to XP and Vista when released, and also tried Linux of course, and even, yes, Mac), until W7, and now it's safely W8.

      Although XP was an "upgrade" for consumers of Windows 2000 (building on NT5), it took steps forward while also taking steps backwards. I felt Vista did the same. W7 was the first release since Windows 2000 that seemed to me to have full forward momentum.

      Now W8 is carrying that momentum forward again instead of dropping the ball, and the outcome is beautiful. From the Metro UI to WinRT to performance to stability, to the explorer ribbon/quick access toolbar, to user account / cloud integration, and on and on. It's just a spectacular release.

      I really can't get enough, just love W8. Kudos to the teams.

    • thomastmc

      @JulesK: While the Metro UI may be focused for touch devices, I've been using it quite a bit on the desktop, and it works great. For email, news, facebook/twitter, etc, the apps and integration are great, and make the websites I used to use for those tasks feel 'clunky'.

      Metro may be focused towards devices, but it's not awkward or in any way inconvenient to use on the desktop, by any means.

    • Int64

      , DeadX07 wrote

      Switching back and forth from Metro to Classic desktop takes almost 2-3 times as long to do the same old tasks, and is unproductive and intrusive in that regard.

      What is it specifically you're switching from/to? (which apps/services)


    • tabata

      Metro User Interface? Why are some people complaining? When you grew your teeth, they bothered you. Now you do not want to lose them...

    • Euripides Jame Georgiou

      Great effort for real great results.

    • meetpp

      If windows Brings back the start menu button in any way i'd consider.

    • generalover​seer

      @gawicks:What do we do when this beta version has been outdated?Are we able to take it off or do we have to buy the release version?

    • Tom

      I think this will be the first time in my history of using Windows when I'll stick with the previous version after the new version arrives. Who needs those tiles on a desktop?

    • winsguy

      Windows 8 is the best windows version period. 

    • rszed

      Amazingly unbelievable. Finally windows you've got it. Bravo 8. Hopefuly this is compatible to most of tab in the market.

    • Ashish Deshmukh

      Looks gr8.. will try and provide the reviews soon....

    • Mashallah bakthiar

      I love windows 8 consumer preview it's look very nice.

    • rupertsland


      The Metro design in Windows 8 has an uncanny resemblance to those computer screens as seen in the movie 2001: a space odyssey. Even the colours seem similar.

      Windows 8 already has me concerned. My desktop computer is a desktop, not a bloody cell phone. I don't need the Metro interface. Will users be able to turn off the Metro UI? Or at the very least, make it optional. The desktop UI appears to be a stripped down version of Win 7's desktop, and those hotspots don't seem helpful. I can see a lot of problems with this release.

      Where is the Start button? That's pretty poor user interface design when a user can't figure out who to access his/her programs, etc. There should be a visual cue. It all reminds of the old WordPerfect days -- one stares at an intimidating blue screen, not knowing what to do next. I thought we passed that era long ago. Guess not.

      Anyway, sorry to be so bloody hyper critical. I prefer the Windows 7 GUI. It's quieter, cleaner, non-intrusive, easy to use, no nonsense. Don't change what's good and actually works. From what I see in Windows 8 is starting to resemble another Vista/ME.

      8 < 7. I'll pass on 8 and wait for Win 9.

      Have a great day

    • saurabh singh

      @Rupertsland, Canada u will get used to window 8 in few days. it one of the great os from microsft...

    • Ahmad Nawwara

      I think Win 7 will still the favorite system for along time even win 8 is coming .. more easier ..more friendly

    • Palscan Anonymous

      I detect a "Black hole" on this windows.
      We are Anonymous.
      We are Legion.
      We do not forgive.
      We do not forget.
      Expect us...

    • avinash

      thnx for lounch windows8
      it is wow good softwear
      i waiting for work in windows8 in my home.........

    • avinash

      I wonder how the blue screen looks metro style on this new OS...........
      ........................welcome window8.......

    • SweetKoke

      sound grate,but how much will it be

    • cyra

      Thanks, but no, thanks. There's something un-nerving about images & apps or icons moving on a screen, especially at speed. About all they have going for them, IMO, is that they're colorful. I'm more comfortable scrolling down a list, and will keep Win-7.
      Prefer Win 7

    • generalover​seer

      What do I do if I dont like windows 8? Can I un install it or am I stuck with it? Yes I have my windows 7 disc but its a hassel bringing thta back. Ant answers?

    • Saqlain Haider

      windows 8 is overall good but my canon LBP 2900B printer can,t print.i also download latest driver from canon website but it can,t work i am worried about that issue plz help me.

    • Salman Baidowi

      i love windows 8 is perfect !

    • greeloc

      I love it and I hate it. I love the 10 seconds it takes to boot up, I hate the way it switches from Metro to the desktop depending on the program.

    • steven henderson

      I'm looking forward to this on tablets for work more than social/play. I want to take notes in a meeting by touch and then get back to my desk to snap onto a keyboard and pick it up on the same machine. I have been tempted to do this on an iPad but that seems (like all of apple's devices) like a toy compared to win8. Can't wait. Great job.

    • D Johnson

      Pretty packaging around empty box - or perhaps full of hot air?

    • jaskaran singh

      how do i install windows 8 on my tablet

    • kevin

      What an epic fail for Microsoft. Prosthetic limb engineers have come up with some amazing ways to make life productive for those who have lost their natural limbs. Even so, given a choice I think that very nearly 100% of those people would rather have their limbs back. A tablet/phone OS is designed to make a small, less than optimal computing platform more productive. Likewise, tablets/phones are designed to make computing power more easy to carry around. Just as most of us don't want to replace our desktops/laptops with the limited power of a tablet, we also won't be very interested in using the jinky workarounds that make tablets usable on our big, powerful desktops.

    • Rajan

      Its a little bit complicated but 100% better and smooth OS than windows is a OS that can enable windows users to boast for their OS.Thanks to microsoft for building such a fabulous Operating system.

    • Nived

      It's wow.. ! It's is amazing .. 


    • rupertsland

      More bad news, I'm afraid. PC World has already written a scathing review of Windows 8. It's starting to look more like Win 8 will be another ME/Vista.

      Here are a couple exerpts from PC World:

      "Microsoft has created a very confused and confusing operating system. Windows 8 has two personalities, and they don't seem to like each other very much."


      "Windows 8's other personality, Desktop, is merely a Metro app. Meant to run "legacy" programs, it looks like Windows 7, except...once again, no Start button--or Start menu. I can't believe that Microsoft failed to realize what a serious omission this is. Convenient and intuitive from its Windows 95 birth, the Start menu has grown and improved until, in Windows 7, it's a work of functional beauty. With Windows 8, Microsoft has neither kept it, improved on it, or replaced it with something equally useful. Instead, they've simply dumped it." ...

      "My only hope: That market forces compel Microsoft to keep Windows 7 on the market until they either restore the Start button or come up with something better."

      You can read the complete article here.

      Lincoln Spector at PC World had this to say:

      Two different operating systems that are hardly on speaking terms. Not only do they have totally different UIs, but they can't even run the same software.
      And the Desktop is a crippled version of Windows 7, without the Start menu.


      If this is the way Microsoft is going with Windows 8, I wouldn't touch this OS with an ten-foot pole! I'll wait for Win 9.

      Here's a comment from another user (posted on PC World's forums), LiveBrianD, who said:

      Windows 8 sucks - the metro UI is unintuitive, and they seem to be forgetting that most people have regular desktops and laptops WITHOUT touchscreens... Vista 2.0 I guess, except worse.


      Alright, alright ... I know my criticism sounds bloody harsh. To be fair, what Microsoft has done is release a community preview for feedback. So, in the end, things could still change. Hopefully for the better. Hopefully. I just want to see Microsoft build the best OS, not release another ME/Vista.

      So for now, 8 < 7.


    • Amazing Iceman

      I was kind of curious to see what Windows 8 will bring, but so far it's been a disappointment.
      Windows Vista forced me to consider other choices, and after wondering through Linux and OS X, and finally settled with OS X.
      I was hoping Windows 8 may gain me back to the Windows environment, but it's doing the opposite.
      I would still need to interact with it and get to know it inside out to be able to support it for my clients.
      But as my personal OS choice, it's definitely a no go.

    • Ron Wilton

      This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Not everyone who uses a computer wants to have a smartphone like display. They just want to be able to open an application, do what they need to do, then close that application. Once again you are counting on the mistaken belief that people will willingly just decide to learn a new OS.

      YOU FOLKS ARE ID10TS!!!!!!!

    • Ron Wilton

      Dear Microsoft...

      Thanks for providing me with job security until I retire. You see, I run a computer-support business, and 90% of my clients are currently running Windows XP, not Windows 7. You are mistaken if you believe that all of these folks, who primarly use desktops and laptops in their business settings, are going to just want to forget what they have learned over the years from win95, 98, 2000, XP, your failed Vista, to go to this, and learn how to use computers all over again. Their next upgrades will be to Windows 7, and stay there until they die. Period.

      YOU could have improved on Windows 7, but NO, you have decided that YOU will define what my clients' computing experience will be. What arrogance on your part! Can you see why SOOOOOOOOOO many people can't stand Microsoft? Where was the USER input when this new OS was being developed?????????

    • luke

      Great work Microsoft: Alot of work no doubt for the Microsoft team, in bringing about a likely versatility and innovation in Win 8 . Traits of a classy innovative stayer OS Win XP is the benchmark for MS. Will the Win 8 approach the XP peak perhaps,in a few years, or perhaps not, or maybe Win 9 will be the next class stayer product from MS. After the valleys of Vista and 7, the people will soon enough decide, which is it to be.

    • Tackie Otoo Emmanuel

      This is a wounderful operating system (os). I love. Microsoft is doing a great job well done.

    • Steve Jobs

      You can't even think of something worthwhile after I'm dead?

      MS users deserve what they get. :-)

    • Ronnie

      Just wanted to thank Rupertsland for comments & links .
      i'm using W7 happily on main machine , and was thinking of putting W8 on my Vista laptop to improve performance. Any thoughts/suggestions ?

    • The Oogsterday

      This looks great. I've got 2 tablets (1 Asus Transformer (android), 1 ipad2) and this IS the future of computing. I've been looking for a tablet that can work like a PC, and hopefully this OS will make that possible.

      It also looks like MS is working to give you the best of both worlds - Metro for people who enjoy a more modern interactive experience, and Desktop for those who enjoy the classic more structured Win7 feel.

      Honestly, if this is truly a cross platform OS (not just integration like iOS), I'm switching everything over to it. You'll see other companies trying to make something similar.

    • John C

      What are the Compatability problems with this new Windows 8?

    • Ravi

      From Windows Vista to Windows 8.. Seriously guys, kudos to your UX/Dev team.. what a brilliant job done!

      Yes, I did occasionally run into minor niggles here and there.. but your straight from the heart efforts to innovate and your new philosophy of "Putting people first" it just shows everywhere.. :)


    • rook2pawn

      Awesome appearence and UI, but not for developers, at all. I specifically only use the keyboard, and disable the trackpad on my laptop. You should think about users that dont use the mouse! The keyboard is really the most efficient way to navigate through anything you want.

    • Ravi

      @rook2pawn, and all keyboard lovers.. :)
      The feeling that you're being ignored is just unnecessary..

      If you're a developer you would obviously work on your Eclipse or Visual Studio etc. in the desktop mode.. which is just like Windows 7 so what are you guys crying foul about? MS isn't forcing you to fire Start screen here.. in fact they just gave you an option to have your twitter client running by the side unobtrusively!

      & even within the Start screen.. don't be lazy and do a quick Google search on Start screen shortcuts and you'll find you've been fairly covered..

      E.g. Can't slide in from the right to open charms side-menu and find taking your mouse to the top or bottom right corner boring.. just press WIN + C | Want to open an App/File quicky.. just start typing on the Start screen.. it's that simple!

      Just try to be less resistant to change and give it a chance.. you'll be amazed with your productivity and that's when 8 will start growing on you! :)

    • Djancok

      Djancok ra reti bahasane kon cuk
      onok seng terjemahin ra cuk :mad:

    • Winslow

      What a shame

    • Winslow

      O.K. I can make comments

      Microsofts Windows 8 is not for people who use their Pc's for bussinesses with hughe database and file management. In this respect Microsoft has lost a lot of ground as most of theese functions for handling them are hidden or removed. As a matter of fact it makes it harder to work in any productuctive enviornment. It seem more geared towards the Social and Media environments. It is more structured to confined data storage and usage on the internet and having little or no control over it. It has it uses but it most only for endusers who have no pc experience and having things remotely done for them (without giving the experience user any options) I guess XP,Vista might be around longer. To put it simply in a productive enviroment where you need control XP and Vista gets thing done.

    • Manoj

      well win8 is awesome
      but i want to know how to shutdown
      i couldn't find anything to shutdown in the start

    • abdulkhalik

      pleas help me
      I install win8 64bit but not detect amd radeon hd6700m video card
      I have massage(there was a problem starting msiajx32.dll the specified module could not be found).

    • dalekdan123​45

      this is just going to confuse!!

    • Roger Gorndin

      I don't use and iPad for daily work for a reason. Why would I want my work computer to look like one?

    • DDM

      I'm going to ignore the fact that you are selling this as a PC OS, no words can describe how idiotic it is. As far as tablets go, you've got a good idea here. The tiles work, but seem too busy. Maybe you can change their size? Combining media from different websites is great too, good job with that. The multitasking is almost as good as it could be on a tablet, but I still feel something is missing. I this is something I would consider buying, but would still rather get an Android or iOS device.

      In case you forgot, THIS A TABLET OS. Not a desktop or laptop OS. Get the idea out of your heads.

    • Bernard

      Whey can I not get Windows 8

    • Joshua price

      Disk space is no problem just get sugersync at this link and back up your computer then delete a bunch of programs. Or get a external hard drive

    • Andrew Davis

      The tech part of me is curious about it I love to tinker and play with my comp, but since I only have my one computer I am reluctant to just upload a brand new operating system (I could dual boot but that limits hard drive space). The look is interesting I don't know if I go for the block style. The variety of interfaces and apps seem interesting the being able to place apps side by side would be nice especially to those of in or out of college as well as being able to back and forth easier. What does not matter to me as much is the whole social media thing.
      What I look for is speed, reliability, flexibility can it do the job I need it to and if something goes wrong can I find a work around in a few minuets something useful when you do sound and media stuff. Stuff you can not do with a mac hence the reason I have little to do with MACs. A good question someone raised that has not really been answered in the replies is security and how safe is it. Windows vista was paranoid every little program was pounced on thankfully windows 7 is a little more relaxed but with this OS you have a lot of information continually being accessed and refreshed on the net by the computer how secure is it?
      Also What I would be very interested in is price. A post graduated college student has to live on a budget I was fortunate to get win 7 for a cheap price being a college student but I will not always have that. I hate paying for something and getting a bunch of junk programs that I did not want windows office gives a lot of programs but I only needed word, excel, Power Point it gave at least 3 other programs that I do not use but I still paid for them.
      All that being considered if I can get my hands on a second computer I might put windows 8 on it and play with it. As for my main computer I will wait and see what happens before I put anything on it.

    • Dan White

      There is now way I would take the time to learn how to use this OS. The only way I would be interested if there was an option of having a Windows 7 interface for my laptop or PC... Forget the tiles.... they would be OK on a tablet... but even then I have a Playbook... I hate it.
      I love the Android system. So anyone want a Playbook cheap? As far as me every going to this new tile based everything is new... it is not going to happen. As far as putting our team on the time wasting exercise of learning how to use something that does not seem work oriented... not in a million years.
      Let's get with the program here. The age is the age of knowledge, the year is 2012 the era where no one is holding their breath for the next Microsoft program.... I see ZERO reason to waste my time on this new OS... I do want faster boot up but I can get that on the new solid state hard drives and Windows 7 which I have paid the price in time and money to learn how to use.

      Sure there are a bunch of cool features for those who want them. But I think that for a start bring back the "start" icon. And give me a Windows 7 interface. Otherwise.. NO SALE!!



    • speed

      looks like apple to me "APPS" dont want apps I want my normal desktop with my normal "programs" and do not want to be hooked to a "cloud" that monitors my every move. Give me the speed from a new os but don't give me a mac

    • homer

      This is what happend when Steve Job cornholed Bill Gates and he crapped out W8. This thing does have mac and ipad all over it. W7 is better

    • Jameel Qureshi

      712-145 STRATHMORE BLVD
      PHONE: 416 778 6821

      Dear Sir,

      Windows 8 is out for us to try. Right at the start it wants us to enter a driver.
      I have a sound driver on a CD that came with my motherboard. This particular driver has a dozen folders & as many files. One of these file is an installation file. When I install this driver in Windows 8 the installation file dos not show up, but only a few folders. If I am unable to install this driver, the Windows 8 will not install. What wrong am I doing? Please kindly explain.

      Kind regards

    • Jameel Qureshi

      712-145 STRATHMORE BLVD
      PHONE: 416 778 6821

      Dear Sir,

      Windows 8 is out for us to try. Right at the start it wants us to enter a driver.
      I have a sound driver on a CD that came with my motherboard. This particular driver has a dozen folders & as many files. One of these file is an installation file. When I install this driver in Windows 8 the installation file dos not show up, but only a few folders. If I am unable to install this driver, the Windows 8 will not install. What wrong am I doing? Please kindly explain.

      Kind regards

    • Art

      Sucks missing a shut down button and
      can't find and will all my programs in
      Office + others have to reinstall 7
      I guess it is Ok if you have a computer
      you want to play with but not a working computer
      Might be COOL but not interested in the interface

    • pink

      i have been having problem activating my windows 8 technical preview

    • nicholas

      I like this for tablet or any type of mobile device but sorry, not for pc, i will stick to xp, vista or 7 forever if i need to. i like the unlimited and ease of options and serious customization available for this. i would fell like im on a tablet when i use these features, if i wanted that feeling then i would have bought a tablet. i dont want that, you should concider making a different version of this for pc and see how people react to this. I dont even want to test this for pc cuz its so bad.

    • Jason

      This works for mobile devices... Not Desktops. As for cloud content. Government Stay out of my life. I don't want an autosync into my life thanks.

    • Travis Brown

      Good video to explane how to use the next windows 8 OS. Some of the people on youtube and other around my place dont know how to use it to take the time to get some infomation on windows 8 I think this video explanes will done for people dont have a first hand what they are doing good video. And I love Windows 8 cant wait when it comes out in stores going to buy it:)

    • K Main

      But will it blend?

    • QFAN

      Good idea but I don't have an extra HDD to try it.

      Regarding the old good Start menu... It is basically useless in these days.

      All my frequently used applications are either pinned to Taskbar, or pinned to Start menu. For anything else inside "All Programs" I'll use Start menu quick search because there are just too many items to browse effectively.

      This is not a brave move, but rather a proven one. Remember Vista asked you about "Experience Improvement Program"? Everything is designed based on data collected from millions of users. So they know the Start button can be removed with out affecting most people negatively.

      The worst part is, the mouse-keyboard version is not easy to learn (that's where PlayBook fails). But, those who will buy/use a mouse-keyboard only PC are most likely experienced PC users, and they are used to spend time to learn M$ software, so it's not a big problem. Those new to PC are more likely to buy a tablet, tablet PC, or touch-enabled PC.

    • jaime Malolepszy

      will this be ok for my 4 year old

    • vivek rraval

      hello sir i have to install windows 8 consumer preview iso file than copy to butt-able dvd i have install in mt notebook but some code error is coming and not install .sohelp me

    • rupertsland


      Wait for Windows 9, or upgrade to Win 7.

      Let Microsoft sort out the problems and fallout from 8. Win 9 is expected to be a 128-bit OS.


    • merrikhu

      wow!! nice:) i need to try this too=))



    • Dale Freed

      It looks like that they created n interface comparable to the X-BOX360. I am not really a big fan of that interface. Would there be a way to have an interface like that in Windows 7? Is there a reason for the change in interface?

    • Augie Prospector

      What a disaster. Does Microsoft ever learn? Sadly they do - but only how to be more evil.

      First the good: Windows had to get fully into the tablet environment, and it looks like 8 does that. Another rare case of Microsoft learning: calling it "8". Boring names are good, and have the added bonus of being harder to hate on. Let's hope they keep the "8", and not get cute on us.

      Now the bad: Great, another interface "innovation". New is good, don't you see, and different is new, so... And, with a computer, we don't want complexity, we want stupidity, and flash. Everything has to be isolated from the underlying system of files and programs, totally open to and dependent on "cloud" resources over which we have no control, and no knowledge, and MOST IMPORTANT, everything we do is another atomized bit - which to use, a cash-register somewhere in what passes for Bill Gates' heart has to go "ka-CHING!"

      Microsoft attempts overreach with every new version, and then pulls back. This version seems to be yet another attempt to make Windows into an open-ended, unsecured money-pit for its users, all of whom are game-addicted, social network addicted, pre-teens, who want a computer to be a status symbol and integral part of their social life, and little else, because they ARE little else. Let's hope they pull back yet again.

      Microsoft also realizes theft is the sincerest form of flattery, as well as the cheapest form of "innovation", so of course everything "new" is derivative, and creepily so. Just different enough that a huge team of lawyers can defend the theft, and to be incompatible with prior usage, both at the human interface, and data interface levels. It ain't a standard if you change it just to make it different - and loses all the advantages of being a standard (but does help create a Microsoft ghetto in which to trap its users and their money).

      Kudos on the tablet interface, diluted by concerns that they are taken too completely into the laptap/desktop version. Huge boos and hisses for the open "social" and "app" motif, a guaranteed disaster in both security and integrity. And retches at the new glitz but crippled "game console" interface (I have an xBox 360, thank you, and need a computer too, for different purposes). The new task manager is a hint that there are COMPUTING advances that make Windows 8 an easier way to actually use a computer, keep track of what is on it, and control what it is doing. There had better be a way to turn all the social and app cr@p off, to see the ACTUAL file system, and control loading of programs (in the most general sense, since getting programs involved in every step of use, surreptitiously, is the plan of the future, where Microsoft runs your computer from the cloud, and you just use it, while paying by the minute for every keystroke and gesture.

      I dream of the day when Microsoft fires all its marketing and interface people, and keeps only the engineers. It will never happen of course.

      If the cr@p is integral, it looks like I'll be stuck on Windows 7 for a while, as I was on 98 and XP (skipping a few generational disasters). I wonder if I can hold out to Windows 13, when we find out if Microsoft is superstitious?

    • here

      Windows 8 is heading to be a total failure (like Vista and ME were) for Desktops and laptops, but perfect for new generation Tablets (yes, those toys...) but bad for business tablets that uses stylus pen only... this is the first time I see a Phone GUI (Phone 7 - by the way a complete failure too) ported to a desktop.. MS has forgotten that 95% of the world uses regular Desktops and laptops with NO touch screen whatsoever...

      I really hope MS realizes this ans gives the option of METRO IU or no metro when installing the OS, at least the consumer should have a choice here...

      The build of the new OS is great, its performance, speed, etc... but the GUI is probably the main point to declare this new OS as 'failed'.. I can see any business new or large opting for this OS.. my own company has decided to skip it if it finishes as is now... maybe version 9 or 10...

      my 2 cents..

    • Fed Up

      First MacOS, now Windows 8... all your OS are belong to us!

    • MIhail Mojsoski

      I'M Downloading it at the moment

    • Mihail Mojsoski

      ISO Download Link:

    • John Ogden

      I am using the consumour preview, have been for about 6 weeks, I am ashamed to say I am a geek, reason? so excited about trying it I have wiped win 7 off my laptop! Idiot i knoww, what will happen when this trial is over as i have no win7 disc (pre-installed) does this mean that I have to buy new software or will I just carry on with win 8?

    • Fran U

      Just recently installed Windows 8 preview version and I have got to say it blows me away! Since Windows 98 Microsoft has been on it's toes and it truly amazes me how very far they have advanced in such a short amount of time. Windows Vista was really exciting Windows 7 was good but hands down I am really blown away about this version of Windows!!
      Thanks Microsoft you truly are king!

    • Hammertime

      First, for those worried about installing over an older version of Windows... fear not! You can always download the (free) VirtualBox VM Client ( and install it in a virtual environment without overwriting your current OS. It just requires you to download the ISO and create bootable media beforehand to install from. At least I am assuming it can be installed in VirtualBox (I will know for sure when it is finished downloading).

      As to my thoughts from simply watching the video, the reason I purchased an Android-based phone over the Win7 phone was that I think the tiles look super tacky, plus the functionality of the apps list is WAY too basic and takes a while to scroll through the long list.
      Although I have a Facebook account (which I admittedly only signed up for to view pictures from my HS reunion), I haven't logged in in about a year or longer. I have never bothered to sign up for Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, et cetera as the new "social" trend is totally not for me. If I want to be social, I prefer it to be face to face.... not by a method that will potentially give me thumb cramps from all the QWERTY texting (assuming a tablet or smart phone installation).
      There is absolutely no chance of me using anything with the Metro UI on a desktop or laptop PC as I prefer a much cleaner looking desktop with minimal icons (grouped in folders if need be to have fewer icons on my desktop).
      I can see potential for the Metro UI as far as audio/video media is concerned, although I never really got into the MCE interface either to be honest. I would much rather have voice activation than this supposed "innovation" that is called Metro.

    • Eko Indriyawan

      Good job !!!

    • hoseun

      4 days ago
      Wait for Windows 9, or upgrade to Win 7.
      Let Microsoft sort out the problems and fallout from 8. Win 9 is expected to be a 128-bit OS.

    • hoseun

      4 days ago
      Wait for Windows 9, or upgrade to Win 7.
      Let Microsoft sort out the problems and fallout from 8. Win 9 is expected to be a 128-bit OS.

    • generalover​seer

      I dont have the answer to my question. What do we do if we diont like it? Are we able to delets Windows 8 and continue with what we had easily?

    • generalover​seer

      I dont have the answer to my question. What do we do if we diont like it? Are we able to delets Windows 8 and continue with what we had easily?

    • Chris

      I really love it, but I had to restore to windows 7, because my mouse did not work, and neither did portal 2(portal worked though). If you could get that running, that would be astounding.

    • Joshua

      bring back windows me

    • DaPhault

      No. No! NO!!! Bad, Microsoft! Bad!

    • abbas sahami

      Wow ! This is really brilliant. Just downloading the preview. Gonna try it soon.
      But please be fast in launching the full windows 8.

      Good Work though.

    • baribar

      I liked the pressentation of the window 8 but just like all the other windows,there will be a lot of missing programs" wich Microsoft later corrects". So her we are again losing a lot of space on the hard drive. Just like it was with all the other Microsoft Windows.
      When will Microsoft think a little pit harder and do things right from the begining

    • Sunil Mishra

      please give shutdown option in front on desktop...for quick Shut the operating system.........

    • bangman

      Sorry but I do not like it.
      I prefer a desktop with a big screen and keyboard and mouse, not some fiddly tablet.

    • BobosArch​Linux

      Nothing to freak out on people, its just Microsoft adding an extra display manager to Win 7.

      Windows is getting worse LOL, oh well.

      Linux is the bomb of OS's anyway.


    • ayubgami

      Good job,fast&reliable


    • Niki

      I don’t understand a word of this, and really I don’t want it. Way too confusing. Seems like Microsoft are trying to convert Windows in to something that looks like a mobile phone. Really this has put me off buying Windows 8.

    • Obetar

      how to solve this problem on windows 8?
      ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series (Engineering Sample - WDDM v1.20)
      it doesn't work.

    • Reginaldo from Brazil

      When will release the final version of windows 8,
      this year?
      please reply?

      Quando vai lançar a versão final do windows 8,
      ainda esse ano?
      responda por favor?

    • Alby from Australia

      Yeah its just like a smartphone OS which is probably fine for a tablet but C'mon for a PC ? Seriously ? A computer should be a computer and not crossover into the world of Apps and crap which are toy like,a money pit,and huge time waster in general.
      And this is coming from a guy who also has the latest Iphone which I love but at the end of the day its most useful feature is thats its a Telephone used to communicate by voice and text,the rest is useful if Im bored.
      In my opinion and from what Ive seen on the demo video,keep windows 8 for the tablets etc and hope that Windows 9 will be a real OS for real computers,change and advancement is fine when its useful and not just a money spinning new product.
      Cheers and bring on Windows 9 :)

    • ninoo from america

      windows 8 sucks
      mac mountain lion is way better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ninoo from america

      how could windows make such a crap software compare to apple
      i suggest windows shud shutdown ur company and go home cause u can't do anything right

    • Gayashan from Sri Lanka

      @Alby from Australia
      Yes bro, I totally agree with you. You've said well, which i also wanted to post here. Win 8 will be an epic disaster when released. I'm using Win 7 (with my DELL N5110 i7) for a long time and wanted to install win 8 from the date they announced win 8. But now I'm totally disappointed. I don't want to install crap that i can't use in my laptop. I don't want to fill up my hard disk with unwanted features.

      No start button/Menu? C'mon, what's wrong with Win 7 style start menu? At least don't remove it, just keep it as win 7. I personally don't like the metro style start menu in my laptop (I think most of people are).

      Other thing is Win 8 is totally focused in a web based system. Will those work in slower internet connections?

      Wish you all the best in Win 8 release. I'll just stick up with win 7 waiting for a better Win OS (May be Win9) in the future.

    • Mira

      Please don't have kids.

    • Flatroofer

      What was that about? He was too fast like all PC instructors.
      I have the win 8 Consumer Preview Demo, and it has stolen all my programmes. Also stolen win 7. I can't remove win 8 and do not have win7 anymore. Is this a scam to buy win7 again?

    • Stifford

      It says on the download page this is an OS upgrade and windows 7 will be overwritten. No you don't need to rebuy win7, just stick your disk in and reinstall..

    • kuldeep

      very best

    • Reece Mak

      I am a business user of Windows OS, and I don't care how much eye-candy you can make Windows 8. I am focus more on productivity and memory friendly.

      My Suggestion:
      Get Windows XP classic startup menu and theme back in Windows 8.

    • Ryan

      Windows 8. What a horrificly huge screwup for any windows desktop user. Sure, it's great for a tablet and a phone, but for desktop? Seriously? It looms like you have to go through 5 different menus just to get to a REAL desktop OS. And that's being VERY generous.

      The desktop "UI" as they call it, is light years away from Win 7. Removing the start menu is a hopelessly stupid thing to do. It was one of the best features in Win 7, and removing it will only make people hate the OS.

      This interface is made SPECIFICALLY for people obsessed with social media, the so called "marketplace" is nothing but a place where you are peer pressured into buying unproductive, lifestyle-ruining games and apps that just sit there and don't do anything usefull. On top of that, there's the "cloud." Another excuse for the government to spy on every single damn thing you do, see, upload, and share.

      Sorry microsoft, i'm not going to buy a OS that's made for a tablet, has countless features that made windows good, that supports overuse of social networking, that spies on you and all your files, that wastes my money on useless junk, and doesn't even give desktop users a somewhat decent UI to use their computer on.

      I'm sticking with Win 7 until microsoft learns to recognize the people as people, not just for their wallets and personal information.

    • Ryan

      Whoops, I meant to say "that removes countless features that made windows good,"

    • NADEEM

      its amazing

    • NADEEM

      its amazing

    • Hembury

      It looks far too tablet orientated tbh....I think you guys need to work on making it more desktop and laptop freindly. For example drawing on the picture with a trackpad could quite tricky.

    • Gil

      There's too much clutter! Maybe that's by design.

    • dedienu

      very bes OS
      iam blog <a href="">Restaurant Jakarta Food Delivery from</a>

    • Daniel

      I can see how efficient it might be on tablets or mobile devices. But do not see or have any interest in the desktop version. I would want a PC to do some serious computing not play around with apps and social activities. Isn't that what your phone and/or tablets are for. Perhaps it would be better to emphasize the integration of social simplicity and apps into a solid new OS. Rather than how much it is like your phones.

    • madamagdy

      this is great and very nice


    • egis

      is video file not safe file? i put security settings on high and cant see it, how much money i need to pay to watch it? i mean i dont want to change security settings.

    • smith

      my laptop acer aspire 4750z, restarting did not work? is thei any help plx...

    • Kasule Henry

      Good work and nice presentation. Henry, Kampala-Uganda

    • Jack

      Looks good for a mobile device or tablet but not for a laptop or desktop. It will be a royal pain to train employees how to use this interface on a laptop. Please Microsoft if you have any respect - KEEP THE START BAR!!!!

    • dilekum

      It's a new thing.
      takes a great deal to habitat.

    • mariusz7

      This is user interface for mactards. Why are you trying so hard to imitate Apple? Where are THE WINDOWS in Windows operating system? Where are software programs? Microsoft lost it's leadership role, now tries hard to FOLLOW the marketing trends.

      It is the sad end of a computer era - replaced by a household appliance - source of brainless entertainment and penny pinching money grab.


    • carly

      Re: Request of Final Version of OS.
      I want to be productive from the get go. I will learn to use the new user interface when time permits.
      Please provide screen appearance choices for the PC. Classic win 7 or contemporary win 8.

    • applefan1

      @WizardX:Apple beat ya to it! All of these things I see on this demo are things that Apple has and some Apple has had for several years. A couple of things are things that Apple stopped using because it didn't work efficiently.

      Apple who? Apple beat you.


    • pranthee


    • Bryan

      Tonight I made a comparison between the website and Microsft's ... And you need to invest more on design, like in Metro.... because in terms of facility and design Apple goes ahead unfortunately.... i'm using windows 8 at another pc, and theres somethings i wanna say too, fisrt: i loved it, but need some important changes, how can old people discover where is the start button for example?, (you've got to search for it on youtube) please, Microsoft be carefuly with your products, and remember that to be better than Apple you don't need only marketing, you need more quality in your new products too! like in windows phone, its perfect. but the next OS is not :/ if you don't listen to your consumers in the web, it can be a lot worse than windows vista... so, Love your team and products... thanks!

    • Tim

      I was a lot more worried than I am now when I first heard about the metro style. After seeing the video it doesn't seem to be as much of a problem because your most frequently used and most wanted programs can be at the start. Also all the people complaining about no start bar - there is one and the start button can be easily accessed by moving the mouse pointer to the bottom left.
      It's all in the video - some say it was too fast but honestly everything's in there.

      I do think the improvements are actually improvements but the metro thing might just be too much hassle for some - especially older people who find it hard enough to move from XP to windows 7!

    • Matoya

      I downloaded Windows 8 consumer preview and installed in on a virtual machine. There are some good ideas here, especially if you are on a tablet, but the Metro UI barely works with a keyboard and mouse. And I really don't understand why the start button was removed. Please Microsoft, make the Metro UI optional (at least on traditional PC's) and give us the start button back. Otherwise I'll just stick with Windows 7.

    • Windows To Mac

      Windows 8 is not really windows 8, it's more like new operating system. The layout does not resemble any previous versions of windows. Microsoft should name it cloudX operating system and just say it will remain trial version. This version does not offer anything new. This is a huge disappointment for the pc users. Finally Microsoft has come to an end... I been with Microsoft windows products over 30 years and I decided to get me a MacBook Air. It was shocking. I love MAC ! " I regret that I did not switch sooner" To Microsoft: no more jokes. Learn from Mac...

    • Windows To Mac

      Windows 8 is not really windows 8, it's more like new operating system. The layout does not resemble any previous versions of windows. Microsoft should name it cloudX operating system and just say it will remain trial version. This version does not offer anything new. This is a huge disappointment for the pc users. Finally Microsoft has come to an end... I been with Microsoft windows products over 30 years and I decided to get me a MacBook Air. It was shocking. I love MAC ! " I regret that I did not switch sooner" To Microsoft: no more jokes. Learn from Mac...

    • Zach

      This is awesome for a tablet but its absolutely stupid for a desktop version. Terrible

    • Very Annoying

      Gr8 now windows has turned to another cell OS.

      yah its amazing BUT for tablets, cell phones and home users who has nothing to do but share photos, pic,videos,....., i tried the Dev preview for couple of months and it is very annoying.

      i think ill stick with win7 for a very long time as this will not work efficiently with mouse and keyboard nor work/business environments.

      Btw, you can still get the old desktop style by setting a registry key which will not show the new start screen. i'm not sure if they removed it or not in this version.

      Just please give us the option to use win7 style instead of this.

    • data live

      this is intoresting but for a laptop or pc it's to simplistic. for a tablet it's great,but i like to be able to have a desktop and add onto it [i use rainmeter ilustro and other buildable programs] i have seven windows based computers and one mac,if all of the other systems are disigned like this then i'm swiching to mac. you should make two versions of windows 8 one that has a version like windows 7 but with a fiew new inovations and aplications and a version like this, don't get me wrong this is still a great inovation and there are alot of new options but it's just not set up for people that like to disign programs software and videogames.

    • Leslie

      For me, the Metro interface doesn't seem attractive at all, and its colour schemes look rather cliched and the controls in it looks plain and dull. I especially hate the STARTING SCREEN, that goldfish kind of thing giving me a reminiscence of the early 90's, or even 80's!

      I truly hope that Microsoft will redesign the starting screen and the Metro interface, at least visually; otherwise, I think Windows 8 is going to scare off quite a number of experienced PC users.

    • potatoe

      can one download chrome?

    • Andrew

      Still, the interface of Windows 7 is more convenient for the computer. The interface of the new operating system is only good for Tablet PCs (PCs with touch screens).

    • Andrew

      That is what we love so much the operating system (most of the windows), make a minor.

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    • Asentis

      It's great!
      Can't wait to use it.
      I love windows!

    • Asentis

      Seems that Metro is not so popular :(

    • Dima

      Goodbye Windows, hello Apple =]

    • Alex Andrade Cana

      Windows 8, Es una Nueva Experiencia. Ideal para Programadores de PC...

    • Dinh Vu

      very interesting

    • Harpreet Singh

      Windows 8 seems to be coming with a great market value.

      Great presentation Jensen.


    • infohpreet

      Windows 8 will boost usage of tablet PCs to large extent.

    • Gaith 1

      what will happen to if i installed windows 8 ?? all my stuff back in windows 7 will be removed ?? i just wanna find out because I dont want my stuff to be removed xD

    • marco

      But will i be able to play games that are designed for xp,vista and 7?

    • Edgar Alejandro Munoz Mtz

      how can i log on with a local account and how can i erase an user account on mail and in the start screen???

    • Abdul Aleem Sajid

      I could reply you after use but overall sound in good ..

    • Nicholas​Lovan

      How do I use Snap? It doesn't seem work for me.

    • bingbing

      @blackmole:not so good ,they are cheating

    • azar

      @Islamath:yes my brother my laptop very good in windows 8 but the old start menue is beter than this this is only broblim

    • louis konzo

      sorry!!!goodbye windows!!! Welcome ubuntu

    • Darth Danny

      Cool video. Now I'm gonna' go back and watch it again to count how many times he said "app".

    • baidoo samuel

      nice to meet this microsoft new windows which is long-expected! but we wish windows 8 glass soon appear in not to be done by any other software developers but from the windows masters LONE , i hope windows 8 glass will be more xtreme

    • Dale Carter

      WOW! REALLY? What happened to Windows? This ain't no Windows. It's a small cell phone OS placed on your'e more powerful machine making it less appealing and weaker. I been thinking hard drives will soon be a thing of the past with the size of these flash memory devices now but was hoping not but this proves they will die off before we know it. I am very contempt and happy with my Android phone and my Vista OS on my Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop. If Vista didn't have that annoying UAC pop up for everything you click on (which I had to remove myself) and used less memory to run then it would be perfect. Don't take and throw the real Windows and throw it out the window and come out with something like this. I can't stand Apple's OS or there Iphones but with this you are pretty much throwing out the red carpet for their stupid tiger OS named platforms to walk down. Please reconsider this decision of putting this OS out there on all PCs and keep the taskbar and windows on our PCs. Leave the apps and swipes for your cell phone OS.

    • M Alagha

      Have been using Win 8 for 3 months now, since the date of its release. Here is what I would like to say:

      1. Although its Metro style looks great, It doesn't work on PCs and Laptops. It is understood that regular PCs and Laptops have reached to their end-of-time (life cycle). But is it possible to have a user selected view? Regular and Tablet METRO style?

      2. I'm missing the closing button for the built in applications.

      3. I installed some 3rd party application and all working fine. But what would happen if, as I usually do, installed a hundred applications or so? It will take me ages to go through the desktop METRO screen? Is there a way to categorize these applications into folders or categories?

      4. I'm logging in using my Hotmail account, what if I'm using a different email provider? Yahoo for example, or Gmail? Should I use only hotmail? What about email security?

      Anyway, keep the good work, the future is yours...

    • jojo

      where the * is the normal start button??
      why making!! me use start screen???
      when ever i install somthing Instead of They will be orange in folders ther mess up with files over the start screen (like short cut and uninsstall are all as a files in the start screeen)
      also where the * is "computer,games,music,Libraries??????
      ha??? do i have to look for them ?????then make shurt cuts for using them easily?????
      well microsoft you have made great phon OS but as for desktop you definitely fucked all end users!!!!!!
      i hope it wont blow in youre faces as vista did!

    • Tiz

      I'm still not exactly sure what I think of this OS. I do however think once the LeapMotion is released it would be a good combination. What do others think about that? LeapMotion with Windows 8 a good idea?

    • fares bel


    • Kees Carter

      Windows 8 interface really only works for small touch screen tablet devices. When you use a desktop or a laptop it is really ugly and unconvincing. For people who work on a daily base on there desktop it is really no option. I hope that the also will make a operating system for desktops and laptops without a touch screen. This operating is a disgrace for desktops.

    • CuongDang

      I do not think that W8 is better them Linux


      If you think so, use your LINUX Scared

    • CuongDang

      Have been using Win 8 for 3 months now, since the date of its release. Here is what I would like to say:

      1. Although its Metro style looks great, It doesn't work on PCs and Laptops. It is understood that regular PCs and Laptops have reached to their end-of-time (life cycle). But is it possible to have a user selected view? Regular and Tablet METRO style?

      2. I'm missing the closing button for the built in applications.

      3. I installed some 3rd party application and all working fine. But what would happen if, as I usually do, installed a hundred applications or so? It will take me ages to go through the desktop METRO screen? Is there a way to categorize these applications into folders or categories?

      4. I'm logging in using my Hotmail account, what if I'm using a different email provider? Yahoo for example, or Gmail? Should I use only hotmail? What about email security?

      Anyway, keep the good work, the future is yours...


      1 - With one key (Windows), you can search app, setting, everything faster.

      2 - Just Drap mouse in the top to bottom to close Metro application.

      3 - This is the first time i hear some one install a hundred applications, any way just type the name of application in the start screen, you can find app more faster.

      4 - Just using 3rd mail client tools like Thunderbrid, Windows Live Mail

      hope help you.

    • Mutlaq Rashdan

      That's wonderful.'ve helped us a lot for years making our work easier and better. Windows..Word..Excel.. PowerPoint..Internet Internet explorer. Somebody else took the leadership for little time. However, You didn't allow him to stay in the top for longtime. You are back again simply because you deserve to be the best..On the top of the Pioneers list...You deserve to be the maker of the ever best system. You deserve the Windows 8.0

    • Maxie Kasenda

      is the best windows 8.

    • mervan shaker

      Yes Win 8

    • tsuchan

      I watched the video, and the question kept coming to me... why would I? Why would I?

      I'd like to do a deal... give me the new task manager, and keep the rest. Don't want it, don't need it. I've clearly now got more in common with Linux that with Windows. Hasta la vista, babies.

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