CES 2011: Beer, gaming rigs, and 3D everything with NVIDIA

Play CES 2011: Beer, gaming rigs, and 3D everything with NVIDIA

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    I wish TV's and LCD Screens stopped trying to have 3D content, its CRAP, 3D Movies AREN'T COOL IN YOUR HOUSE NVIDIA!! THEY KILL/Strain YOUR EYESIGHT beyond belief!, 3D projections in this fashion is WAY too skewed to stupidity.... For the love of god please invent a new technology to try and get our money as this 3D content display is Bull-maneur. Or I will be tempted to invent my own new thing which isn't so damn cheesy/useless.

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    @HeavensRevenge:Stereoscopy is technology from early 20th century, Stereoscopy represent two offset images separately to the left and right eye, its like a glich in human anatomy.

    I absolutely hate the fact that companies are trying to push this as 'main' thing especially in our home.

    Technology in not new, the only thing is feature to create a CGI content in few minutes, to render stereoscopic image. This process is twice long, because you need to render, basically, two images.

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