CES 2011: Beer, gaming rigs, and 3D everything with NVIDIA

Play CES 2011: Beer, gaming rigs, and 3D everything with NVIDIA
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David Ragones, Director of Marketing at NVIDIA, took Ben through their booth to show all of the amazing things that you can do with NVIDIA’s new GPU lineup while at CES. Not only did he show Ben the 3D video wall that was playing 500 Windows-only 3D games, but he also poured him a cold one off of the liquid cooled, multi-GPU packing “Kegputer” gaming rig.



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    I wish TV's and LCD Screens stopped trying to have 3D content, its CRAP, 3D Movies AREN'T COOL IN YOUR HOUSE NVIDIA!! THEY KILL/Strain YOUR EYESIGHT beyond belief!, 3D projections in this fashion is WAY too skewed to stupidity.... For the love of god please invent a new technology to try and get our money as this 3D content display is Bull-maneur. Or I will be tempted to invent my own new thing which isn't so damn cheesy/useless.

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    @HeavensRevenge:Stereoscopy is technology from early 20th century, Stereoscopy represent two offset images separately to the left and right eye, its like a glich in human anatomy.

    I absolutely hate the fact that companies are trying to push this as 'main' thing especially in our home.

    Technology in not new, the only thing is feature to create a CGI content in few minutes, to render stereoscopic image. This process is twice long, because you need to render, basically, two images.

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