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Windows Phone

Videos for the official Window Phone site.

  • Windows App Studio Beta Walk Through
    33 minutes, 32 seconds
  • Jethro Tull fan app made with Windows App Studio + 10 Language Subtitles available
    2 minutes, 26 seconds
  • DJ Nano uses Windows App Studio to build his first app + 10 Language Subtitles available
    4 minutes, 29 seconds
  • Coding Basics and App Creation (Part 3)
    13 minutes, 1 second
  • Coding Basics and App Creation (Part 2)
    29 minutes, 36 seconds
  • Coding Basics and App Creation (Part 1)
    10 minutes, 3 seconds
  • Alma Obregon guides us as she creates her very own App Studio App
    9 minutes, 6 seconds
  • Adding YouTube videos to a Windows App Studio app
    7 minutes, 15 seconds
  • Windows App Studio Walkthrough (with English Captions)
    27 minutes, 48 seconds
  • Generating, Sideloading, and Publishing Windows App Studio 8.1 apps for Tablets and PCs
    15 minutes, 3 seconds