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Play Hawaii interns XAPfest 2011

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    Headshot is amazing simple idea. I am gobsmacked that since the invention of smartphones and digital cameras, that every manufacturer as missed this feature / marketing opportunity. Juila is a worthy winner.

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    Adam: Agreed! Simple camera utilities like that one is as important to the smart phone as email is to the slow internet. Julia should expand the start recording on face smile (or any other per-assigned visual cue) to video as well.

    The next step in smart phone has to be tactile feed back, especially when USB key insertion. A simple electro-magnet that when in use, clips the key in place, and releases when not in use. ie. only when powered and in use the clips pop in.

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    This competition was creating an app that used the integrated Hawaii services. Which she did not.

    "Did you use any Hawaii features?" "No, but I'm thinking of using the Relay Capture"? Seriously? Anyone can go into a competition and say "Well, I'm going to add this, that and the other thing to the app later on"

    This wasn't the create a simple, missing feature app. It was to create an app that used the Hawaii features so that they are showcased. Way to ruin this entire "XAPFEST"...

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    My "issue" with some of the other is that where variants of existing stuff with social features. 

    Several Media Application with social features

    Optical Search -> A basic WordLens.

    Hands Free Cook -> Voice activated Recipe Database.

    Breadcrumbs -> very open to misuse,

    Pictonary -> The lag between, the drawing and it being shown needs sorting.

    Head Shot -> The only one I would consider purchasing. (or I was Julia discuss with WP7 some agreement to include in the default package.)


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    @Adam It doesn't matter. She didn't use the Hawaii services. Why is this so hard to understand? The judges blew it.

    The app is a great idea. No question about it. But the competition was to use Hawaii services.

    If they had 100 submissions and only one used Hawaii services and it was the most pointless application it should have won.

    It's like running an art competition where contestants have to use the color blue and the winner doesn't even use the color blue.

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    Loved Headshot. Thought the Ringify app was good too.

    I'm actually working on an app for a travel/holiday company with some features strikingly similar to breadcrumbs. In my case though, most of the information is coming from trusted sources and WinPhone app will be for discovery of items, comments etc. 

    Thought about the potential misuse and spamming so I have a rudimentary filter at the moment that takes out contact information such as email address and phone numbers when user's submit their feedback.

    Pictionary is a good idea, and I like the fact that a high school kid did it. When I was in high school there was no competition for developers, so I was just a geek who did weird stuff with computers when others were playing games. I think it was amazing that she went ahead and did this app even though as she said there was some things she didn't understand when she started working on the app.

    Great stuff all round though.

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