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    what about c++?

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    Robert Varga

    C++? I think that Microsoft is doing it right - they say that users are more than devs. You can do just this, this and that, but not all, at all. Users>Devs, that's "why" API, not close-to-the-metal.

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    We do all our stuff in C#, but there's a huge glitch -- lack of dynamic type support for reference classes and interfaces.  As I understand it, the .NETCF team has chosen not to implement Reflection.Emit, therefore breaking a DLR requirement for the dynamic type, and therefore making it impossible for app developers to implement some (not only cool but) advanced technical requirements.

    If this feature isn't available in the developer tools and in Mango soon (like immediately), its absence will represent only one more reason for us to look elsewhere (possibly Cupertino?).  This is not the first real problem with .NETCF, and it's certainly not biggest.  But this one straw is feeling pretty heavy right now on this particular camel's back.

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