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Join Brandon Watson as he interviews the people behind the next release of Windows Phone, Mango. In this installment he chats with Steve Cosman- one of the people behind the new Bing Audio.



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The Discussion

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    Sweet, this is always an amazing demo especially when you see it work for the first time ..great addition to the platform (OK but I do feel a little sorry for the Shazam guys)

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    It seems to be very fast. It must be great to have such a huge amount of data to work with as the entire Zune library.

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    Can't wait!

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    Cool story involving this very subject:  A youtube video is using a song I wanted to identify.  I'd tried using my iPhone 3GS with Shazam and Soundhound - no luck. But I downloaded the Windows Phone 7 SDK and used the Bing Audio search in the phone emulator, and it nailed it first try! I think I may have to get one of these windows phones when a Mango LTE phone comes out.

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    Really enjoyed the development story behind this feature. The mentality of the group to get the basics, get it into users hands, then add features users want is spot on.

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    Will the Bing audio search enable users to search audio held on third party servers?

    Can we get Bing to "fingerprint" audiobook MP3s on our server and have them show up in Bing Audio Search results?

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    Sad to realize that this is yet another feature that only works in the US. Don't understand why...

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    Bing audio is really cool. I hope it goes international soon.  oyun

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    OMG, I can't belive you actually tried recognize Rebecca Black - Friday on a phone, weird * can start happening :O Hope it will release in Norway soon Smiley

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    This is very cool. Isn't there an app. that recognizes music?  Smiley

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