MIX11 Windows Phone 7 Ad by Brandon Foy

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    So let me understand this. At MIX they said to people that if this video gets 200,000 views ON YOUTUBE (hint hint: not this site), then they will use it as a tv commercial. Why would I want to go hunt the video down at Youtube (and help the creator of this video get exposure) when you POST IT HERE!?!

    Just provide a LINK TO THE YOUTUBE video so he gets more views there.

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    el gato

    eh... hey laura... any relation?
    khekhekhkehehk cackle!

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    good idea, can you just put a link from the WP7 Videos to the real one because it is confusing to find the correct one especially if you dont have a you-tube account.  it is a bit of searching as there are many videos out there now

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    Brandon Watson

    The YouTube video can be found on the Windows Phone YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/WindowsPhone

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    Carla Bush

    It's a best creation. It's a great idea. How interesting it is.

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