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Windows Phone 7 Announcements & Demo's from MIX 11 with Joe Belfiore

14 minutes, 45 seconds


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This year at MIX 11 Windows Phone 7 made some big news. In this video, CVP Joe Belfiore goes over the headlines and gives us several demo's to show off the new capabilities such as advanced searching for apps, phone integration, live agents, multi-tasking and a REALLY cool demo of Layar.


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  • ymala1ymala1

    Wow... Just wow. The way the WP7 team is tackling the addition of new features to the OS in this thoughtful manner is amazing. I like how everything is being done from the ground up instead of tacking on features simply to 'catch-up' with the competition, and things aren't being made different for the sake of being different either, like in the cut and copy function, which is pretty similar to what you see elsewhere... and why wouldn't it be?

    Heck, even if it takes a couple of months or a year for the features list of a WP7 to go head to head with iOS or android, I'd be fine with it if I knew that a whole lot of thinking and common sense has gone behind the inclusion of every single one of them. A spec list only tells you so much, the real secret is in the experience that is delivered with the functionality.

  • HeckYeahHeckYeah

    OMG- thank you! Awesome improvements! I have been dying to be able to launch maps from inside 3rd party apps and when transit gets added I will be in heaven.

    Multiple live tiles, jump lists for apps, launching apps from a search to culminate their functionality... all super awesome!

    My only concern is: how do you shut down apps with multitasking in play? I expected there to be an X in the corner of each running app as you see in other areas of the UI but it's not there...

  • CraigHeadxepwn @CraigHead

    Haha, I love it. Laura hasn't left her Living Room and playing the Michael Jackson experiance. Wink Nice M. Jackson hat Laura! I hope on the next Ping! episode you'll dance the Thriller or Billie Jean for us Niners!

  • Ivan the terribleIvan006 Why me?

    Look forward to the updates.  Multi-tasking looks great.  

  • and no one notices his phone...  Big Smile

  • dan_tdtower Surface Fan

    Wow, this is good to see.  So much cool packed into a 14 min clip!

    EDIT: I did notice the Asus phone.  Ship plz soon?

  • Trying to watch the HQ MP4 video on WP7, but getting "Playback error"


    WP7 UI is a a joke.

    Why do I have to always go back to the home screen just to access the phone dialer? All OSes should have a way to pin  icons that are ALWAYS visible, just like Windows 7, or iOS, or Android. Imagine if I pinned my phone dialer icon on the home screen but all the way to the bottom, this will mean that I would first go the home screen, then scroll all the way down... This UI is such a mess. I have been using this thing since Nov 2010 is still can't figure out the moroon who thought this was a good idea?

    Also, instead of fixing the secondary screen that have the long list of apps, someone thought it is a good idea to all letters that would take you there? This doesn't solve anything... If I have a list of apps that all starts with the letter "A", I'm facing the same issue of a long list of apps.  There should be a way for people to group apps into folders . I do not want any stingy OS automatically sorting my apps for me. I need to place it where I need to place it.

    Also, what's the purpose of the live tile/hub on the home screen if you have 15 rows.. You can only see 4 rows at once... You still have to scroll... failed... You have the home screen scrolling vertically but the so-called Metro UI scrolling sideways..

    Speaking of Metro UI... Users should be able to see all the menu items for an app instead of partially showing menu text and making the user go and "discover" whats available.  If I have the following menu..


    ..I shouldn't have to scroll 4 tabs to the right just to get to LOCATION, in the process loading dat for ABOUT and SERVICE, which I do not need to see... This is a mess... and helps kills the battery.. Matter of fact, I have no way of knowing LOCATION is available without going digging or reather scrolling..

    I thought there were great UI folks at Microsoft, but apparently not... I think they should let the folks who develop the Bing app for iPad take over the UI



  • scottscott

    Yes its no surprise that the microsoft wp7 team is using asus phones.... the suprise is just that they arent available yet. everything else looks good. who cares if your behind in features as long as yours run the best.

  • nadernader

    where is my angry birds still not available in my marketplace?!?!??!?!?

  • billbill


    guess you missed this.

  • AnonAnon

    What are you talking about? Neither Android or iOS has the phone app always visible. Also, you can move around your tiles so the phone app is at the top. Is it really so hard to hit one button to get the the home screen? Plus, some apps can launch the phone but it's not really relevant to most of them.

    As for the app list, you can search with text not just jump by letter. Hit the search button, start typing and as you type your suggestion list gets filtered. This is also easier than the competition.

    And your last complaint seems to be app specific so go rage at the developer.

    Maybe before calling people morons you should learn how to use your phone or pay more attention when new features are being demoed...

  • AnonAnon

    Oops- forgot to say "@JOB" on that last comment.


    @Anon  do you even have a WP7...? Tell me how can you keep the Phone or SMS tiles always visible when you are scrolling down on a long home screen...

  • Nice stuff. I'll be looking into Mango supporting sockets when more info is available.
    During the keynote Joe showed that Skype will be available so hopefully that mean that the newer phones coming out when Mango is released will fially have front facing cameras.

    One picky thing I'm gonna mention. It's VOILA not WALAor whatever he said. I hear people saying that all the time lately because they don't seem to realize that it's a real word, it's just that it's French.

    So Voila means See There

  • Yawn. Wake me up when I can do a maps search (as a non-USA-based customer). The crippled international features render some apps (such as maps) literally completely worthless.

  • CraigHeadxepwn @CraigHead

    @Job, you know - it doesn't require much self-esteem to say really nasty things. It requires a much higher self-esteem to provide useful constructive criticism/feedback or compliments.

    The Windows Phone 7 isn't iOS nor is it Android. The user interface and the developer APIs don't look like it and specifically the user interface does things a lot differently in new ways. If you like Android or Apple just stick with them. The Microsoft mobile based devices (pre-windows phone 7) did many of the things you'll see in iOS or Android years (or even decades) ago starting with Windows CE 1.0. Many of us are enjoying the fresh take on the mobile interface, even if the first release of functionality is missing some things that was previously available.

    Of course if you attempted to READ THE FREE MANUAL (RTFM) you might had learned that you have many options including just holding down the Windows key to bring up the voice activated dialer which normally works pretty well. All the soft-keys on the Windows Phone are context sensitive to the state of the phone and what the current application is doing. Also, if your phone has a lot of tiles on the home screen and you do a lot of scrolling on the home screen I argue that it's your fault for misuse of the home screen by having too many Live tiles on the screen versus have only a few you could quickly glance at.

    The idea of a Live Tile is to QUICKLY look at a bit of data (like the weather or flight info).

    By the way I don't own a Windows Phone 7. I just build WP7 Line of Business applications in the emulator for the enterprise and I've figured this out. However; I would love to own a WP7. *wink*

  • AristideAristide

    @gyros23 his phone? More like phones, he switched to an HTC halfway through

  • KnochenKnochen


    Your comment really shows you never used WP7.


    Just one to the left and you are on location.

    So at max 2 swipes to get where you want.

    Sorry but your name should be joke.

    Complaining and never used ts ts ts...

  • Greg Braygbrayut Check out PhraseMeme Scanner for Windows Phone at ​PhraseMeme.​com

    I was stoked to see the icon for PhraseMeme Scanner come up in the keynote when he searched for apps related to Amazon. We've had the option to scan barcodes and price check on Amazon since the first version, but have been waiting for access to the video stream to do realtime scanning. Glad to see that will be coming in the next release, and the multiple live tiles idea is awesome!

    Keep up the great work! I can't wait to start working with the new SDK.

  • @iamaelephant: Hmm... I think that will require Nokia help.... Ms is already busy enough with the WP7 OS... But once the cloud services are up, I bet MS will crown as top over iOS and Google, together with the powerful WP7 OS.

  • @JOB: Funny... I don't have such problem with bringing up the dialer.... All I need to do is to go back to the Home page and tab on the dialer icon. Or I can always tap to call from the pinned contacts which I will call frequently.

    As for the app jump list, I find it is a very nicely added feature. I used stocked Android before and I always have headaches looking for an app from the forever scrolling app list. In fact, I need to create folder to group the apps. but with a jump list, all I need is to do a search! If you can do well with searching your contacts, I don't what's the problem of using the same jump list / searching for apps....


    I've never used Android and don't intend to. It's Blackberry, then iPhone. I was one of the first in line to try get a WP7 phone because I wanted to support the platform. 6 months later, the UI has been all frustration. All that fancy flying of tiles when you leave the Home screen does nothing but hurt your eyes. I'm stuck with this till my contract expires. If they don't make some dramatic UI changes, I'm going back to the iPhone. WP7 UI, though different, is fundamentally flaw in many places...

     Look at the wasted real estate on the home screen. Who in this day and age doesn't realize that they need to swipe right that Microsoft would decide to place a freakin arrow to take up that space.

    This is a no brainer. Users should have a way to pin a set of icons that should always be visible when the user go over the long list of apps. Forget iOS or Android for a minute, even all Microsoft Desktop operating system do that. What if my I need to get to my Dialer or SMS tile and those tiles are off screen by default on my Home screen, guess what, I will have to hit the Home button (which doesn't even remember your scroll position), then scroll down again to access the tile. What a waste.

    Having a jump list to navigate the apps does help either, because a single alphabet could have over 50 apps, leaving you with the same issue they are trying to solve in the first place. The OS should not alphabetize my app list. I should atleast have a way to opt in. There need to be a way for user to group their apps or move it around, they same way they do on the Home screen.

    @Knochen, c'mon dude... are you serious? Just a maximum of two swipes? Why add an additional swipe to the workflow? BE a fanboy all you want, but this is easy to see.

    HOME|ABOUT|SERVICE|LOCATION... can I also swipe left one time to get to SERVICE menu. WP7 forces you to scroll thru the the entire list of menu to get to what you need. If I need to get to SERVICE, I have to swipt to ABOUT or LOCATION, which will attempt to load data (affecting my battery life), they swipe one ome before I get to SERVICE. To make matter worse, I have to idea SERVICE or LOCATION exist...I have to go do some discovery by swiping... FAIL!!!

    Live Tile? One could argue that the iPhone have live tile also. All the SMS or Phone tiles tells you is a count? A count, that all. The iPhone was doing this from day one. Is that a reason you should have a HUGE square on the Home screen taking up valuable real estate just to display a message count? Suggestion to Microsoft, reduce the size of those tiles. The People tile is USELESS... pictures are just to small to to even make it even matter. All that dynamic changing of those tiny picture that you can hardly see could possibly affect the battery.

    In short, WP7 UI, especially Apps organization is bad UI...especially coming from Microsft.

  • NINJA1200NINJA1200

    I couldn't watch all the video because that woman is damn irritating, always interrupting with nonsense comments. Sounded very fake, giving the impression that she was just paid to agree and show fake excitement.

  • @JOB: Hmm.... Actually, I see user ptoblem. From your long story, if you need the dialer / SMS function so badly, move them to the top. In that way, you will see them staring at you whenever you go back to the Home screen. And also, why in the world do we need to display the Dialer and SMS button everywhere we navigate?! If I need to make a phone call, or SMS to a friend, I will then navigate to the Home screen. Why cluttered the screen with useless buttons?!

    Regarding the blank area on the Home screen, MS will utilities the area when there are needs in the future. Just like they have added the search button on the app list screen.

    As for the jump list, enter few now letters in order to filter more. Just like how you use search engines. Do you just enter a letter in order to search for the contents you looking for?

    Lastly, Live tile. Yes, iPhone has a number stating how many messages or emails you having. A Count. And that's it! Just a count! But if u look at the demo, the flight tiles let the user know when is the flight time, are you being late and highlighted with red. That will provide the end user more information! Does iOS icons do that?! The only controls that come close with Live tiles are Android widgets. iOS can step aside with its ugly tiny icons.

    So, bottom line is: If you are so disappointed with WP7, sell your phone away and get an iCommonPhone or the Windows-Mobile-Wannabe aka Android. No point forcing yourself sticking with a phone which you do not enjoy everyday. It will affect your health.



  • Shrinivas MahamuniShrinivas Mahamuni

    Lastly cool feature are coming on WP7. Just waited for multitasking to come on phone. Cool feature, really impressed. But for the developer perspective, we need that the "EmailComposerTask" should support for attachment & html content should rendered on the EmailComposerTask's Text area.

    Loving Wp7.

  • ruddevilruddevil

    @JOB: No, I hope they don't change WP7 UI to your liking. We would call it iOS then. If you like iOS, you can use it but don't make everything else looks like it when difference is the key factor to diversification thus competition. If you don't like it, don't use it. Simple. I don't like iPhone, I don't use it. Simple.


    Looking good, can't wait to try out some of these new features.


    Of note: The added "Podcasts" search results you mention, is this coming to the UK too? We are sadly lacky any Zune Podcast support.

  • evilsushievilsushi

    The only thing keeping me from getting a WP when mango comes out is skype needs to be running in the background for it to be useful so there needs to be some multitasking scenerio for you to address. One possible solution is Explicit multitasking. This would require the User to make a selection to keep the application running in the background. Techies would have ultimate control and non techies wouldn't be hindered by bad batter life.

  • I couldn't watch all the video because that woman is damn irritating, always interrupting with nonsense comments. Sounded very fake, giving the impression that she was just paid to agree and show fake excitement.

    You do realize that this is a Microsoft website, and that both of the people in the video are Microsoft employees, right?


    I am also wondering how apps are closed, since it seems that pressing Home keeps them running. Also, the Qantas app is super cool, but I have to wonder how it affects battery life to have a live tile constantly polling your location.


    , spivonious wrote


    You do realize that this is a Microsoft website, and that both of the people in the video are Microsoft employees, right?


    I am also wondering how apps are closed, since it seems that pressing Home keeps them running. Also, the Qantas app is super cool, but I have to wonder how it affects battery life to have a live tile constantly polling your location.

    Oh wow, personally I find it hard watching any video Laura isn't in Smiley

  • Mehdi KeramatiMehdi Keramati

    No news about WP7 Localization/Globalization yet?

    Last time microsoft team said that they are working on it.

  • Not too bad! I hope this isn't step one of the (now) classic Microsoft Overpromise, Underdeliver.

  • CraigHeadxepwn @CraigHead

    Q: Hey, you know whats cool about Windows Phone 7?

    A: It's not Apple, Google, RIM, or HP. Yay! Go Us!

    The device deserves the theme song "Whoomp! There it is!" as the official theme song.

    There's a party over here, a party over there. Wave your hands in the air!

  • Some features like live agents or deep linking into apps would be nice to see in Windows 8...

  • Ben ChegeBen Chege

    Will STK be available? Without it WP7 will short change Nokia in its traditional markets like Asia and Africa.

  • SameerSameer

    I totally love it. Windows Phone 7 isn't fully available in South Africa yet but as soon as I get my hands on one then I definitely taking it.... Been waiting since October last year already....

  • profKprofK

    the multytasking not okay, it must give the possibility to access an app
    background quickly and not looking through all the app. add icons in the toolbar
    side of the interface under the magnifying glass, to have easy access, or
    under the screen icons multytasking direct. In addition to these, good job,

  • KenKen

    Can I play AAC+ streaming audio (IceCast)

  • JohnnyJohnny

    Would all be nice, but many people who bought a WP7 cannot even buy anything from the marketplace. Who is responsible for this?

    The many who have bothered to write about their issues:

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