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Join Brandon Watson as he interviews the people behind the next release of Windows Phone, Mango. In this installment he chats with Ian Todd- one of the people behind the new communications functionality.



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The Discussion

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    It is always interesting to see the "why" behind new features.  

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    does the developers going to have access to the threading feature? I mean if 3rd party application would be able to be added a other protocol in the tread view...?


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    I'm excited about the Groups feature.  I spent a lot of time, and I always add new people to lists on Facebook.  I was thinking it would be cool if WP7 could sync those lists, but now FB is doing groups too (which I hope they make a conversion tool for those who utilized lists, they both shouldn't co-exist).  But anyway, the more FB integration, the better.  Every platform has their form of FB integration, but none of them do it as great as WP7.  I think the Windows Phone team should be working really close with FB so new features could come to it first, already integrated into the OS, while the competition will still be using dedicated apps.

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    The threads feature is something I loved about WebOS and I'm excited to see something similar is coming to WP7.  I'm wondering about how those multiple recipient messages are going to work in Mango though.  Currently in WP7 if you seed a message to multiple people, when they responded it would just come back in the current thread you have with them, but the original message is not there, it remains in it's own thread that will no longer be updated.  Will this be the same in Mango?  Will group instant messaging be included and the conversation between all participants remain in a single thread? 

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    @blackjid: Theads works with specifically with SMS/MMS, Windows Live Messenger, and Facebook Chat in Mango, and there is no API access for developers.

    @wixostrix: Groups are local to the phone, but deeper integration with FB lists is a good suggestion.

    @wixostrix: For messages sent to multiple SMS recipients the experience is the same as it was in 7. But for group chat on Messenger or over MMS, Mango will now thread the conversation.

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    Thank you for the post, I love hearing everything I can about Windows Phone and the behind the scenes of its development.

    A small suggestion/request: I saw a video of a Microsoft employee showing off the "groups" function; specifically adding people to a group. For each person, he selected the name and had to continually hit the add person button and then go back to the list view of his contacts. If it doesn't exist yet, can you use the check box selection method from the mail hub for this type of adding multiple people? I think adding multiple people simultaneously would be far better then going back and forth between two screens.

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    @buckstermcgee: Thanks for the suggestion, we agree that adding new people to a group could be more efficient than what you saw. We'll consider this as we evolve the product.

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    Will there be an option under settings to not show a SMS preview on the phone's screen (toast area)?

    I realize it only shows the text for a few seconds, but there have been several times when I didn't want people seeing who texted me or what they said while they were looking at my phone -- I just wanted to know that I got a text.

    -- the ability to not display SMS preview text is actually my wife's #1 request. 

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