How to extend an App Studio app using Visual Studio

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    Nice tutorial.

    This is the kind of tutorial need for expression Blend. Some of us are pure designers that need a good understanding of how to get around in that app.

    We need a basic tutorial that show us how to build a basic panoramic / pivot apps to get use up and running.


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    Quero atualizar meu ominia w para Windows 8.1

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    Quero atualizar meu ominia w para Windows 8.1

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    tariq yahya

    great job

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    Doctor Who

    Hi Bryan,

    You said that once you downloaded the source code to modify it in Visual Studio, you could (or perhaps you said should) not modify it in App Studio. I'm interested in seeing the code that's generated by App Studio, so I'm guessing that if I don't make any changes to the code, I could continue using either App Studio or Visual Studio to publish the app. Is that correct?

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    Great Thanks s lot
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    @doctor You're correct, I think.  Bryan is saying that if you make changes, then you cannot upload the changes back to App Studio.   There isn't a function to do that.

    Looking at the code in Visual Studio doesn't make the app unsuitable for publishing in App Studio though.


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    Really cool tutorial, Thanks!

    I have a question: How I can add a button or a thumbnail view of Bing maps for each museum?



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    when I used right-click, I can't find "Resolve" in my Visual Studio

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