Integrative Mom and Windows Phone App Studio

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Holly Shore discusses her experience building her own app for Integrative Mom using Windows Phone App Studio, a free, web-based app builder that can help many small business owners like Holly get up and running quickly to extend their reach with a Windows Phone app. 


Check out and get started!



The Discussion

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    Windows phone's is really beth no apps no functions it's not not easy to use i don't like

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    Windows phone is awesome - so easy to use and intuitive - with a very consistent experience across multiple devices.

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    I love windows phone I wish I could make my own game apps though if u don't know how to use it, I just have no comment its just so easy

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    carlos muniz

    I want to win the price!

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    wise bara

    i love windows phone is the best i ever used. am also a phone engnr if you had any problem regarding you windows phone you can skype me on a video chat with barawise on skype also

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    Switching from my iPhone to my Nokia Windows phone was the best move I've made since leaving T-Mobile.

    I'm excited to see future phone under the Microsoft banner.

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    My windows phone works great with my car because it has the UVO system which is windows based but I can't use it with my bank or my pharmacist because they only have apps for iphones and androids ... any suggestions on how I can use apps for those operating systems with mine?

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    If you're interested in creating your own WP8 app for yourself or your business, check out this simple tutorial I wrote:


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    @Janet: Have you expressed your interest in seeing an app for Windows Phone to your bank and your pharmacist?

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    junot kiichi

    Wow cool MOM...

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    Frank McGowan

    Win8 Phone is a seamless experience across multiple devices that enhances personal and business effectiveness. It is a significant change in conceptual uses a persons computing and commuting activities with the phone as the single communication center. It's a big change in personal use habits and learning skills. It is a big concept implemented under Win 8, it puts a person on steep implementation and learning curve. It is a very good change.

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    I like wp. its function is easy. please create the app to typing and paintng in blank page and forward to pdf outage or cut apart of page and forward to pdf.
    thank u sir.

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    I wish Windows 8 App Studio, :)

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    I burn my 2 Mobo on win8 (in 2013) (one when our colony get a big electricity issue and another one in same year).

    People can use XP to make android 4.4.2 apps but I can't make Win8 app when I have just 4 year old Win7 sp1.

    So, What I can say it "Monopoly" ?

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    Victor F Rodriguez

    There is a great community of developers of VISUAL FOXPRO that can make applications for WindowsPhone if both Microsoft's products are compatible. Microsoft has the possibility to become Windows Phone as the most used and practical mobile if developers are integrated. Remember that MS-DOS and later Windows became popular for their facility on compatibility. Exploit that opportunity with Visual FoxPro developers. Let VFP survive for the sake of your own salvation. Do not delay the re-implementation of VFP to business.

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