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In this series Roger Doherty and Zach Skyles Owens will be exploring the SQL Server Express product and its role in the Microsoft data platform.  Many people don’t realize that:

  • SQL Server Express is built on the exact same codebase as SQL Server Enterprise
  • It’s ready to use in production
  • It includes SQL Server Reporting Services
  • It supports Spatial
  • FileStream data does not count towards the 4GB database size limit

We’ll be exploring many of these topics in following videos in this series.

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The Discussion

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    Anwar Hidayat

    how make sql server 2008 R2 Express can working with client access in the Local Area Networking (LAN)?

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    Yes I could not immagine that SQL was so powerfull and so easy to learn .
    But yet there is still more to learn specially how to link it with Visual Studio.
    However you can  work afert your build your Tables in Sql server with Access 2007 and all will be running so well.
    That is what I have found.

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    this  BBS is  so good that I am surpurised at it.

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    thanks for the video..... i get tired of reading manuals; this is a refreshing way to deliver information quickly.

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    Kazuo Oie

    I am impressed "ready to use inproduction".

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    Too bad you can only host 10 gb databases. That's pretty weak.

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    And also the fact that it can only use 1gb RAM as far as I see in the product grid

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