Microsoft's Professional Developer's Conference 2008 Day 1 Glimpse

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Your favorite spiky blonde haired lady—Laura--decided to hang out with the PDC2008 (professional developer's conference) attendees on the first day to see what the general vibe was and find out what they believe PDC is all about. Some of the answers made sense… aaaaand some did not.

If you’re not here, make sure to check out all the action at



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The Discussion

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    "Your favorite spiky blonde haired lady—Laura" ... very very favorite! she is so cute Smiley thx for the "action"-link its very interesting, i wish i was there Sad
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    Lol the security guard Smiley
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    Laura, you are super hot! I was @ the PDC Underground and the USC Code Camp, but sadly, I did not see you there :o(
    Thanks for the great interview picks! I loved the security guard! He was so out of place!

    Look forward to more videos :o)

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