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The value of Agile development is being shown by thousands of development teams every day… and numbers are steadily growing. However, software development is a process in which people, processes, and tools must be in perfect harmony. This is where Team Foundation Server 2010 comes in. TFS is an enabler of many agile principles, and provides visibility and transparency on all aspects of the process. It makes the process ‘alive’, and enables frictionless collaboration between all the roles and stakeholders involved in software development.
During this session, a short introduction about Agile and Scrum will be given, followed by a general overview of Team Foundation Server 2010. Demo’s will show how the Agile / Scrum methodology is actually integrated in TFS, and how TFS can be used to gain insights into the progress, status and quality of the project. Topics covered are Work Item tracking, source control, continuous integration, test integration and reporting. A short overview of the different Agile and Scrum process templates will be given, as well as a number of third party tools that mimic the Scrum board that is so iconic for SCRUM development.


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Philippe Minsart speaking on Agile Development with TFS 2010

Philippe Minsart

After a career of more than 14 years of software development in a variety of development languages, tools and technologies, one of Philippe Minsart’s roles today is Solution Manager ALM for RealDolmen ( In this position, he has acquired a broad experience in Application Lifecycle Management and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, both through internal projects and customer projects. His role is to give advice and guide companies throughout their ALM improvement projects, covering various domains like project management, process integration, version control, testing, build & release strategies and quality improvement. Philippe has acquired a real passion for Team Foundation Server and the value it represents throughout the Application Lifecycle.



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    The video quality is very bad... even for the high quality wmv. I even tried the HD mp4 version. it is 1+ GB but the same quality as the lowest quality video. The links do not correctly reflect the correct qualities from wmv. I saw that the high quality wmv is 70+ mb while the medium is 163 mb something... :-(
    It is hard to see what is written on the slides... please screen the videos before posting on its viewable qualities

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    Very poor quality video. Seem like an interesting talk though, but way to diffictult to get into

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