Creating a modular application using Prism v2 - Screencast 4/4 : Decoupled Communication

Play Creating a modular application using Prism v2 - Screencast 4/4 : Decoupled Communication

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    cool stuff Smiley

    i really like to see some demos involving prism and MAF /MEF

    ive got an application that needs to load various versions of the same ui at diffrent times (its an app that does measurements and the measurement needs to be isolated and can be of diffrent versions)
    prism seems like a really good base for this but i really need to be able to unload the modules Smiley

    i should also note that we do use appdomains and use that to unload old measurements, what we really need to do now is that, but with ui.. i think it can be done but id really like to have a webcast sample Smiley

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    Great posts...they really help.  Keep them coming.

    I have used the Smart Client Software Factory/CAB before.  In there they had some interesting authorization stuff using "Actions".  Is there any thing like that in Prism?  It would be great to see a screencast on that or any authorization patterns that work well for Prism.
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    While I'm thinking about it, here's some other topics for similar screencasts:

    - Show modules and views being injected at runtime (i.e. click a toolbar button to load a new tab, etc.)

    - Load common areas with toolbar buttons or menu items at runtime (to simulate the UIExtensionSites that are in CAB/SCSF)

    - Dynamically loading modules

    I'm sure I'll think of a few more as soon as I hit the "Add" comment button Wink

    Thanks Again!

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    Nice job guys... This is one of the most useful screencasts I've ever seen.

    I think it strikes a good balance between in-depth and background info while still being comprehensible and consumable. I wish the series would continue into some of the more advanced topics of prism and silverlight.
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    emcpadden:  We don't have anything specifically around authorization right now, but have been considering some around module loading to start.   

    emcpadden, JohannesH:  Thanks for the suggestions, we're trying to create a backlog of things we'd like to have video on so as we have time, we can pick them off in some sensible order.  


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    I just finished the 4 prism videos, I loved them. Without these videos, I would hard time to understand the prism concept.
    Very good job, thansk so much.
    Please keep putting more prism tutorial videos.
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    Really great stuff !
    Did you guys had a look at Framworks such as Nikhil Kothari  ( and Silverlight FX ?
    With the RegionManager, how can you design a good pattern to create a Routing pattern for multipages ?
    Keep on doing your videos, they are absolulty amazing

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    Cool, really nice architecture. I like it a lot and for sure i will try it.
    Thanks for the four videos.

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    one quick question, where would be a good place to change the mouse cursor?  viewmodel is not the place, but then where would it be?

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    Hi there, im watching video by video in this series and WOW this is good stuff, prism really rocks!!!

    However, im wondering if anyone have a good solution to the following problem / enhancement:

    When the user clicks on the search button i want to change the cursor to waiting / time glass and when the search is actually finished, make sure that the cursor is changed back to the default "arrow".  This problem i guess also could be extended to a bigger challenge, how to show to the user of progress of a operation, e.g a download progress with procentage indicator.

    Considering best practices, to always indicate the end user of progress or in this case to prevent the user to click multiple times when a search is ongoing i guess it can not only be me wondering of these things, or what?

    Dont we need a reference to the window to set the cursor in such a case?

    Any solution or start of discussion appreciated!!!


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    How would you use Prism in a Silverlight application with multiple pages where there's the need to navigate between them?

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    Hi, great videos! Really help me to begin to understand the basic concepts of Prism.


    Of course in Silverlight 3 we don't need to use that Title property of the SearchViewModel for binding the search command parameter with the TextBox text. We can now use element to element binding directly. Cool!

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    So , using the command parameter is not needing for this example? If I understand correctly, we can now bind the text of the TextBox to the property in the ViewModel and we just use the value of the property in the handler of the command. Is that right?




    I also have a question for those more familiar with Prism than me:


    How can I bind a command to the TextChanged event of a TextBox? (instead of the Click of a Button, which is illustrated in the video)


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    Jason Jackson

    I really enjoyed the videos.  This will replace some home-grown stuff I have written for Silverlight.  I was interested in downloading the sample application from the video.  Is this code available?

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    I'd like to see a webcast on localization.  We're building an app that may be distributed accross various countries/languages, and I'm thinking a webcast on a localization module, and injecting that into all the pages would be awsome.  As would security handling (role vs AD vs network credentials). 

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    I concurr on the MEF with PRISM v2.  There is MEFContrib that has a MEFBootstrapper but it does not work with the latest release of PRISM and MEF in VS2010.  It seemed like they were on the right track, but got diverted.  I want to pick and chose when I use PRISM and MEF.  My two cents is that PRISM is to complex for an average developer, MEF is easier to use and has more utility around creating and traversing through catalogs.  I just can't inject into a Region without PRISM.

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    very helpful tutorials to learn more about Prism. It'd be nice to see how to architect the database access, popular data to a xaml form, xaml form data validation, web services reusability etc... in the near future.

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    Nice presentation!  It helps to clear out quite some concepts.  I know I am not the first one, but not the last one niether, to ask that anywhere could I retrieve the source code associated with this presentation?  Thanks a lot!

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