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    Ben Hayat
    Hi Bob, Blaine;

    Thanks for the video. As you have more videos, could you please list them on the Codeplex site till you get your official sites?

    Couple of questions:
    a) We should be seeing the early bits of SL3 [hopefully] soon, and I'm planning to use SL3 for some new projects. How soon do you think you'll bring Prsim 2 to SL3?

    b) SL is more and more moving towards of becoming a better contender for providing LoB (Line of Business) applications, and that's one of the reason for me moving on to SL3. Does Prism 2 guidelines for developing Database driven applications?

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    Good feedback on creating a page that lists the videos. We will create a page on either Codeplex or MSDN that lists the videos.

    a) We will look at providing SL3 in a version that should ship sometime in fall 2009. We will start the project this summer. So stay tuned to my blog at https://blogs.msdn.com/blaine.

    b) We did not cover database driven applications in Prism 2.0. What type of guidelines are you looking for? Depending on what you are looking for we may cover it in a future version of Prism or it may be another deliverable from patterns & practices.

    Thanks for questions.

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    I'd like to see the documentation released as both a CHM and word doc.  There is so much information to try to digest that I would like to add my own highlighting and comments.
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    We just released the Prism v2 documentation in .PDF format. Here is the link : http://www.codeplex.com/CompositeWPF/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=14982.

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    really good..better if you can give us a sample application on this....

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