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In this interview, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy talks to Blaine Wastell, Program Manager and Bob Brumfield, Senior Developer from patterns & practices. They are part of the team that just released guidance for building modular applications using WPF and Silverlight. Watch this video to get an introduction to Prism v2.0, why the team developed it, what is in this release and why Blaine is the dinosaur?



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The Discussion

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    Ben Hayat
    Hi Bob, Blaine;

    Thanks for the video. As you have more videos, could you please list them on the Codeplex site till you get your official sites?

    Couple of questions:
    a) We should be seeing the early bits of SL3 [hopefully] soon, and I'm planning to use SL3 for some new projects. How soon do you think you'll bring Prsim 2 to SL3?

    b) SL is more and more moving towards of becoming a better contender for providing LoB (Line of Business) applications, and that's one of the reason for me moving on to SL3. Does Prism 2 guidelines for developing Database driven applications?

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    Good feedback on creating a page that lists the videos. We will create a page on either Codeplex or MSDN that lists the videos.

    a) We will look at providing SL3 in a version that should ship sometime in fall 2009. We will start the project this summer. So stay tuned to my blog at https://blogs.msdn.com/blaine.

    b) We did not cover database driven applications in Prism 2.0. What type of guidelines are you looking for? Depending on what you are looking for we may cover it in a future version of Prism or it may be another deliverable from patterns & practices.

    Thanks for questions.

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    I'd like to see the documentation released as both a CHM and word doc.  There is so much information to try to digest that I would like to add my own highlighting and comments.
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    We just released the Prism v2 documentation in .PDF format. Here is the link : http://www.codeplex.com/CompositeWPF/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=14982.

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    really good..better if you can give us a sample application on this....

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